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  • Headstrong pursuit of justice can thwart peace efforts
    Location: /news/articles/2018/11/21/085052/
    Excerpt: ... the role of women in peace negotiations Photo Sojoud Elgarrai UNAMID In a new policy note researchers from the Nordic Africa Institute NAI and the South African Institute for Justice and ...
  • Envis jakt på rättvisa kan kullkasta fredsansträngningar
    Location: /news/articles/2018/11/21/085052/
    Excerpt: ... av policynoten Peace Negotiations and Agreements in Africa policynote nr 8 2018 Ladde hem fulltextversionen från vårt digitala arkiv Diva eller läs den online som en e folder Enligt FN ...
  • African interventions necessary to handle African conflicts
    Location: /news/articles/2018/05/23/165707/
    Excerpt: ... 2018 MINUSCA Organizes Youth Peace Week in Bangui Photo Herve Serefio UN Photo Central African Republic has been drawn into yet another cycle of violence as fighting returns to the capital Bangui ...
  • Afrikanska ingripanden nödvändiga för att hantera afrikanska konflikter
    Location: /news/articles/2018/05/23/165707/
    Excerpt: ... tillsammans med African Peacebuilding Network Social Science Research Council och partners i respektive region Visionen om starkare REC er kopplar till diskussioner mellan forskare diplomater ...
  • Congo DR
    Location: /library/resources/thematicresources/congo-dr/
    Excerpt: ... militarism military activity peace corps peace keeping political crisis political development political opposition refugees victims violence war crimes This is a selection of websites dealing with ...
  • 26 Sep. 2008: Carolyn Nordstrom
    Location: /events/multimedia/nordstrom_080926-1/
    Excerpt: ... the anthropology of war and peace with a focus on the epicenters of conflict and peace building in the contemporary world She has conducted extensive on site fieldwork in war zones worldwide with ...
  • Peace agreement but still unclear situation
    Location: /news/articles/2013/01/16/144106/
    Excerpt: ... African Republic after the peace agreements article in Swedish ...
  • Zambia election
    Location: /library/resources/thematicresources/zambia-elections/
    Excerpt: ... elections electoral systems peace keeping political development political history political leadership political participation political parties presidency This is a selection of websites dealing ...
  • Sudan: North in the shadow of the South
    Location: /library/resources/thematicresources/south-sudan/
    Excerpt: ... seminar series by The Life Peace Institute LPI and the Nordic Africa Institute NAI Four seminars sponsored by the Folke Bernadotte Academy will be held in March and April 2012 Read more about the ...
  • The Somali crisis
    Location: /library/resources/thematicresources/the_somali_crisis/
    Excerpt: ... collections Find titles on peace and Somalia in the library collections The library suggests the following keywords when searching the library catalogue Civil war conflicts democracy ...
  • Claude Ake Professor 2014 - Maxi Schoeman
    Location: /news/articles/2014/08/22/140843/
    Excerpt: ... foreign policy and African peace and security This visiting chair at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research Uppsala University is a collaboration between the department and the Nordic Africa ...
  • Läsning för beslutsfattare
    Location: /news/articles/2013/10/24/103530/
    Excerpt: Så funkar talande webb 24 oktober 2013 Tidning från Förenade arabemiraten recenserar The Horn of Africa Conflict and security within and between states med NAIs Redie Bereketeab som redaktör Al ...
  • Fortfarande oklart läge trots fredsavtal
    Location: /news/articles/2013/01/16/144106/
    Excerpt: Så funkar talande webb 16 januari 2013 Av Ilmari Käihkö forskningsassistent på Nordiska Afrikainstitutet och doktorand på institutionen för freds och konfliktforskning Uppsala universitet Få kände ...
  • Reading for decision-makers
    Location: /news/articles/2013/10/24/103530/
    Excerpt: About text to speach October 24 2013 Book review of The Horn of Africa Conflict and security within and between states edited by NAI researcher Redie Bereketeab The review made by Abdullah Mezar ...
  • ALC-NAI workshop resulterar i ambitiös agenda
    Location: /news/articles/alc-nai-workshop-resulter/
    Excerpt: ... Civil Society and Regional Peace and Security in Africa Där synliggjordes svårigheterna med att förankra och integrera lokala idéer om mänsklig säkerhet i Afrika Det blev uppenbart att aktörer inom ...

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