Finding links between Africa and the Americas

Cultural heritage.During the transatlantic slave trade of the 17th-19th centuries, hundreds of thousands of people were deported from the ports of Calabar region to the Americas. Despite their enslavement, they tried to preserve their African heritage. One example is the initiation rituals that Cubans share with Nigerians and Cameroonians from Cross River region.

Carlos Lopes: Free trade area can break old Europe dependency

Economic integration. 56 years after the creation of the Organisation of African Unity, which later became the African Union, African nations are about to take a huge step towards economic integration. The creation of the African Continental Free Trade Area will give...

DR Congo: Observers toned down criticism

Election. Despite suspected vote tampering in January’s presidential election international criticism soon fell silent. However, a lenient international approach may benefit development in war-torn DR Congo, according to NAI researcher Liisa Laakso.

Change in Sudan: What’s in it for the women?

Protests. Women’s role in the protests, as well as external pressure will be among factors determining what happens next in Sudan. Redie Bereketeab, senior researcher in political and development sociology, gives his analysis.

Corruption-plagued ANC expected to win

South Africa elections. Despite claims of unrestrained corruption among its senior officials the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party is expected to maintain an absolute majority in the 8 May national elections. NAI Senior Research Associate Henning Melber says that...

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