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The Espoo Namibia campaign started when Dr. Helena Kekkonen returned from her visit to Nyango in 1983. She suggested that the wealthy city of Espoo should start supporting the refugee camp in Nyango, Zambia. Peace Friends of Espoo started their Namibia campaign in 1984. The target audience were mainly school children and the aim was to inform the children about developing countries in general and specifically the situation in Namibia. A more practical aim was to collect support for one of the Namibian refugee camps. The actual Namibia Committee of Espoo was formed in January 1985 for further campaigning. It was not an independent organisation but was part of the Peace Friends of Espoo. A full contanier of clothes, medicines and other supplies worth 150.000 FIM was sent to Nyango camp in Zambia in 1985. The second container filled with supplies was sent to Nyango in February 1986. In June 1986 the Committee sent a generator worth 150.000 FIM to Nyango camp. The third container was sent in December 1987. In 1987 the Committee started planning a home economies project by using ecological solar stoves. In summer 1988 there was a negotiation trip to Nyango concerning the project. The home economies project included sending solar stoves to Nyango. Solar stove course in Nyango was held in summer 1989. The project continued in summer 1990 with another solar stove course. In Finland, The Namibian Committee of Espoo organised Different exhibitions, collections and happenings relating to Namibia. There were also several Namibian visitors in Espoo during the campagign (Nahas Angula, Hifikepunye Pohamba, Toivo ya Toivo).


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