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Rising global influence, a young workforce, and pro-women reforms


Khartoum, Sudan, January 2022. A Sudanese woman speaks during in a rally to protest against last year's military coup. Photo by AFP.

Date • 10 May 2022
The Nordic Africa Institute 60 years of research, analysis and dialogue, since 1962

We build knowledge to deepen understanding of Africa’s potential.

Since the start in 1962, we at the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) have carried out research, analysed current African issues and engaged in policy dialogue with decision makers.

Our mission is to provide deeper understanding amongst Nordic decision-makers and associated change-makers of contemporary African perspectives and societal dynamics.

We work mainly within five impact areas, to which all parts of the institute contribute. Here are examples of the research-based knowledge we provide within each area:


Equality, social justice and inclusion

Gender equality beyond the numbers
High levels of female representation in parliament do not automatically lead to real political influence for women.

Governance, citizenship and participation

Protests show people's faith in democracy
Despite a recent wave of military coups, democratic values are deeply rooted in many African countries.


Economy, employment and mobility

Covid-19 dents Africa's development plan
School closures during the pandemic have made it more difficult for the continent to reap the benefits of its large young population.


Climate, natural resources and sustainability

Rapid urbanisation threatens food security in Africa
Research on sustainable urban food systems and increased agricultural productivity will be key to mitigate hunger and malnutrition.


Peace, security and human rights

Knowledge for a more inclusive peace and security agenda
Research aims to make the United Nations Security Council's work on Africa more effective and inclusive.


Curated library collections a crucial piece of the puzzle
More than 85,000 books and reports make the Nordic Africa Institute Library a treasure trove of Africa research.