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Local history of Ethiopia

Environment and events in the countryside of Ethiopia, mainly from the early 1800s and onwards. Compiled by Bernhard Lindahl.

This work, in short:

  • Consists of extracts from external sources, sorted geographically and chronologically, shedding light on places rarely mentioned in print.
  • Makes contents of various published sources searchable.
  • In all, more than 4.000 pages on 175 pdf files.

Local history in Ethiopia / Bernhard Lindahl


General information

Information on scope, alphabetical structure, spelling history, codes for geographical identification, names included/excluded, contents of citations - and more.

Information about the map codes used. The geographical names are based on the British War Office maps sold openly from the 1940s.

Bibliographic information about the sources. Languages of the publications used were English, French, Italian, German, and Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish).

The author of the documents on Local History in Ethiopia is Bernhard Lindahl (1925-2015).

Everyone with access to the internet has the right to read, download, print out and copy the documents for free.

For all other uses e.g. republication, the author's permission is required. The author always retains all copyright.

Alphabetic listing of the pdf documents

The 2005 documents are the primary files. In 2008 the work was updated with new names and additional details. These latter documents are lists of place names and their geographical coordinates and provide little information about the actual history.

Files of 2005 (primary)

  1. Raayo - Ryke Pdf, 272.5 kB.

Files of 2008 (update)

  1. Raayo - Ryke Pdf, 201.1 kB.

More about the compiler

Words of remembrance for Bernhard Lindahl (1925-2015) can be read in Swedish in Tenaestelin 2016:1 External link, opens in new window. (p. 28), the journal of the Swedish-Ethiopian Association.