The Nordic Africa Institute


Making Politics Safer – Gendered Violence and Electoral Temporalities in Africa

Started • 01 March 2023
Ended • 01 March 2026

Violence against women is increasingly coming into focus in the global gender debate. This follows in-depth studies on women’s representation in political institutions.. This study will investigate gendered violence and electoral temporalities in Ghana, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.

By adopting a participatory and qualitative approach in engaging key stakeholders in sub-national politics, the study explores forms of gendered electoral violence that women in politics are exposed to, and investigates how intersectional categories such as age, class, ethnicity, and party affiliation shape women’s exposure to gendered electoral violence.

Further, the research aims to highlight coping strategies that women in politics use to prevent cases of violence, and the networks and institutions in place to help prevent and deal with instances of gendered electoral violence. Quantitative methods will also be adopted in analyzing results and expanding perspectives, with the goal of contributing to a deeper understanding of gendered electoral violence across Africa, and influencing empowerment policies