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CHAIN Climate Hazards and Migration in Madagascar

Towards an Integrated Monitoring and Modeling for Mitigation and Adaptation

CHAIN - Climate Hazards and Migration in Madagascar: Towards an Integrated Monitoring and Modelling for Mitigation and Adaptation

Antananarivo, Madagascar, January 2022. A family take their belongings after their home was flooded after a week long of heavy rain. Extreme weather events linked to human-caused climate change, are putting lives at danger. Photo: Alexander Joe, AP.

  • About

    CHAIN adopts an integrated multidisciplinary human-centric approach to develop, synthesize, integrate, and supplement data and models to research the complex relationships among the many factors influencing migration/mobility and its relationship to climate hazards and improve evidence production, public and policy debate, and decision-making.

  • Madagascar

    Discover Madagascar, a country at the crossroads of adversity,  struggling with the complexities of extreme poverty, vulnerability to climate hazards, and escalating migration patterns. 

  • Work packages

    CHAIN includes four work packages that address key components aligned with its objectives. 

  • Research team

    CHAIN's core research team is an international collaboration, bringing together esteemed researchers from diverse backgrounds, representing countries such as Sweden, the United States, France, Madagascar, and the United Kingdom. 

  • Resources and outputs

    On this page you find relevant publications, key documents, communications material, interviews etc.

  • Partners

    The project exhibits a distinguished consortium of partner universities from Sweden, France, the USA, the UK and Madagascar. 

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