The Nordic Africa Institute


Gender and Violence against Political Actors

– the situation in DRC and Uganda



Time: 11 September 2023, 15.00 – 16.30 (CET).

Place: Zoom Webinar

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Gendered violence relates to the vulnerabilities of women in politics, but also how a focus on men and masculinities is necessary for a complete analysis. Drawing on the recent book, Gender and Violence Against Political Actors (Temple University Press 2023 edited by Elin Bjarnegård and Pär Zetterberg), researchers and practitioners will discuss how gendered violence can be understood and how it has manifested in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. The webinar will discuss ways of addressing gendered violence in African contexts.

The webinar is the second of a series and part of a new research project at The Nordic Africa Institute entitled ‘Making Politics Safer – Gendered Violence and Electoral Temporalities’ with a focus on Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe looking into the local manifestations in these contexts. The project explores the intersectional perspectives on gendered violence against women in local politics and how African realities speak back to broader debates on this topic.



  • Elin Bjarnegård, Associate Professor, Uppsala University
  • Paige Schneider, Assistant Professor, Sewaness: University of the South
  • Maria Eriksson Baaz, Associate Professor, Uppsala University
  • Maureen Shonge, regional advisor for women’s political participation in the East and southern Africa region



  • Anna Ninssima (PhD), post-doc fellow at Makerere University / Agdar University.
  • Amanda Gouws, professor, University of Stellenbosch and research partner in the project ‘Making politics safer’

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