The Nordic Africa Institute

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Join a committed international team based in beautiful surroundings in the old university town of Uppsala.

Staff at NAI come from different professional backgrounds and disciplines, and bring with them a wide variety of perspectives on contemporary African issues. We value every staff member’s unique competence, and offer opportunities for intellectual engagement, skills development and network building. Read more about who we are, our vision and strategy


We've asked NAI scholars why they chose a career as a researcher and what motivates them in their work. First in our interview series is Patience Mususa on architecture, people, and stories.



Our core values

We are guided by the common basic values for government employees: democracy, legality, objectivity, free formation of opinion, respect as well as efficiency and service. We also have the following core values:

  • Involvement
    which requires teamwork, responsibility, preconditions, participation,
    leadership and direction.
  • Communication
    which should be credible, timely, transparent and strategic.
  • Trust
    which grows out of mutual respect, empathy, integrity and loyalty.
  • Transparency
    which results in quality, accountability and openness.

Benefit highlights

Sustainable work life

At NAI you can spend one hour of your work week on health and wellness activities. In addition, you are offered an exercise and keep-fit subsidy of SEK 3 200 per year. We have a systematic work environment management to make sure we have a well functioning, safe and healthy workplace and way of working.

As a civil servant in Sweden you are entitled to paid holiday each year. For a full work year you get 28 to 35 days (depending on your age).

Flexible work hours

All of our employees has flexibility in their work hours to make it easier so combine a career at NAI with your private life.

Parental benefits

Sweden has good possibilities to paid leave for parents, and NAI has a local collective agreement that gives you an parental benefit payment to somewhat gap the decrease in income due to paternal leave.

Professional development

We have knowledge as our core business and we aim to let this guide us with a yearly plan for development in all roles.

Labour unions

Workers’ rights are one of the cornerstones of the modern Swedish labour market. Labour unions are well represented at NAI.


As an employee, you are protected and covered during your work hours by several insurance policies. If you are injured (illness or accident) in the workplace, you can receive compensation from work injury insurance. You are also insured while on a business trip by the Business Travel Insurance.

Doctor visits and medications

Visits to the doctor are subsidised at SEK 95 per visit. We also compensate you for some cost of prescription medicines.