The Nordic Africa Institute


The Institute has two kinds of scholarships. Postdoctoral researchers based in Africa can apply for a three-month stay, while students and researchers based in Finland, Iceland and Sweden can apply for one month.

We offer a 1-month stay at the Nordic Africa Institute in order to facilitate use of the Institute’s library collections on contemporary Africa, and to create links to existing research at the Institute.

Master students, PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers pursuing Africa-oriented studies/research in Social Sciences and Humanities and affiliated to universities and research centers in Sweden, Finland and Iceland are eligible candidates, regardless of citizenship.

Africa-oriented journalists and writers within the discipline for Social Sciences in Sweden, Finland and Iceland can also apply.

More information and how to apply to the Nordic Scholarship Programme


The application period for scholarships in 2021 is now closed.

This is an opportunity for postdoctoral researchers in Africa to pursue their own research projects, thereby indirectly strenghtening the academic milieux in African countries.

The scholarship offers access to the Institute's library and other resources that provide for a stimulating research environment. The programme is directed at researchers engaged in Africa-oriented research within the discipline of in Social Sciences and Humanities.

More information and how to apply to the African Guest Researcher's Scholarship

Awarded scholarships

Awarded scholarships