The Nordic Africa Institute

Remote access

Normally you need to be at our premises in Uppsala to use databases we subscribe to. We can however give access to a few of these for external users at Nordic higher educational institutions.

How to:

  • Available resources are listed below.
  • Apply by reading the terms and filling out the form.
  • Use your institutional e-mail address (or tell us if you don't have such).
  • We'll get back to you as soon as possible – to your institutional e-mail address.

Resources available remotely 📡


  • You need to be a researcher, student (or the like) at a Nordic higher educational institution.
  • Credentials are valid on a year basis, expiring by the end of June. By signing the form below you agree not to transfer credentials to anyone else.
  • You may apply for renewal of the access by contacting the NAI Library.
  • NAI Library reserves the right to terminate access to the resources without prior notice.
  • See our integrity policy for how we process personal data.

Apply for remote access

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I'd like remote access to these resources

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