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Uppsala Isolate South Africa Committee


Uppsala ISAC was an umbrella organization for different organizations in one way or another engaged in support of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa and Namibia. It started in 1978 initiated by the Uppsala Africa Group (UAG). At the beginning of the 1980s ISAC in Uppsala almost ceased its activities but in 1985 it was revitalized. It was dissolved after the South African democratic elections in 1994.

ISAC Uppsala worked with lobbying, boycott actions against South Africa and fund raising for ANC and SWAPO.

Some correspondence with the liberation movements can be found in boxes E1.1 and B1.


[Series] Minutes from meetings with appendices.
[Volume] 1978-1988 Minutes from meetings with appendices: missing 1981-83, 1987.

[Series] Outbound documents
[Volume] 1978-1988 Outbound documents: missing a few years.

[Series] Membership registers
[Volume] 1978-1986 Membership registers: missing a few years.

[Series] Inbound documents and fact sheets
[Volume] 1978-1989 Inbound documents and fact sheets.

[Series] Documents according to subject: documents concerning boycott actions.
[Volume] 1978-1985 Documents according to subject: documents concerning boycott actions. Missing a few years.

[Series] Accountancies: Verifications
[Volume] 1979, 1986 Accountancies: verifications (sporadic).

[Series] Press clips and printed material (See the poster collections)

[Series] Flyers
[Volume] 1978-1986 Press clips and printed material: flyers (sporadic).


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