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Within Uppsala Student Union a subcommittee was set up in 1963 called Uppsala South Africa Committee (USAC). It consisted of representatives of different student organizations from political, religious and other sectors. From 1965 even private persons could be members of USAC. In 1966 this latter category of members organized an organization of their own called Uppsala South Africa Group, which in turn became a member organization of USAC. USAC was reorganized in 1968 and became an organization based on individual membership and the Uppsala South Africa Group ceased to exist. In 1970 USAC changed its name to Uppsala Africa Group (UAG). In 1994 UAG was dissolved.

The original purpose of USAC was to inform about apartheid and support the oppressed people of South Africa in different ways, i.a. a boycott of South African goods. With the change to UAG the character of the organization turned into anti-imperialism and the activities widened to cover the whole of Southern Africa with a focus on the Portuguese colonies. The armed struggle was supported with demonstrations, lobbying, a boycott and fund raising.

In the correspondence series, E 1: 1-10, letters to and from the liberation movements can be found as well as correspondence with other anti-apartheid movements of the world. In box E 1:1 there are documents on the transport of X-ray devices to PAIGC in Guinea-Bissau and in box E 1:2 you can find letters from Alex la Guma and other South African writers. Even the liberation fronts of Eritrea are represented in the archive.


[Series] Minutes from meetings and board meetings with appendices
[Volume] 1964-1972 Minutes from meetings and board meetings with appendices: documents concerning the South Africa Group
[Volume] 1973-1979 Minutes from meetings and board meetings with appendices.
[Volume] 1980-1993 Minutes from meetings and board meetings with appendices. Missing 1981.

[Series] Press clips and printed material: Internal bulletins: Africa bulletin
[Volume] 1964-1980 Africa bulletin. Missing 1965-1966.

[Series] Press clips and printed material: Internal bulletins: Africa Groups internal bulletin
[Volume] 1973-1982 Africa Groups internal bulletin. Missing 1975-1976

[Series] Press clips and printed material: Internal bulletins: Uppsala Africa Group internal bulletin
[Volume] 1978-1987 Uppsala Africa Group internal bulletin

[Series] Press clips and printed material: Posters and Flyers
[Volume] 1964-1980 Posters and Flyers: flyers, various years.
[Volume] 1993 Posters and Flyers: poster.

[Series] Accounts: Verifications
[Volume] 1982-1983 Accounts: verifications
[Volume] 1993 Accounts: verifications (one).

[Series] Accounts: Closing balances of the books
[Volume] 1963-1989 Accounts: closing balances of the books, various years.

[Series] Documents according to subject: Documents concerning study circles
[Volume] 1975-1976 Documents according to subject: documents concerning study circles

[Series] Inbound documents: Correspondence
[Volume] 1964-1968 Inbound documents: correspondence
[Volume] 1988-1990 Inbound documents: correspondence
[Volume] 1984-1987 Inbound documents: correspondence
[Volume] 1983-1984 Inbound documents: correspondence
[Volume] 1982 Inbound documents: correspondence
[Volume] 1981 Inbound documents: correspondence. Missing.
[Volume] 1980 Inbound documents: correspondence.
[Volume] 1974-1979 Inbound documents: correspondence
[Volume] 1971-1974 Inbound documents: correspondence.
[Volume] 1968-1970 Inbound documents: correspondence
[Volume] 1965-1968 Inbound documents: correspondence
[Volume] 1990-1993 Inbound documents: correspondence

[Series] Registers: Membership registers
[Volume] 1964-1993 Membership registers: scattered years.

[Series] Outbund documents: Activity and audit reports
[Volume] 1963-1992 Activity and audit reports: various years.

[Series] Outbound documents: Summons to meetings
[Volume] 1964-1968 Summons to meetings.
[Volume] 1969-1974 Summons to meetings.
[Volume] 1973-1989 Summons to meetings. Missing 1981.

[Series] Press clips and printed material: Internal bulletins: Other internal information
[Volume] 1969-1972 Other internal information.


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