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The Swedish South Africa Committee (Svenska Sydafrikakommittén) was founded 6 March 1961. Among the founders were Anders Thunborg (later minister of defence), Joachim Israel (later professor in sociology), Björn Beckman (later professor in political science) and the writer Per Wästberg (later member of the Swedish Academy).

The Committee was intensely engaged in opinion and lobbying work with the objective of starting a consumer's boycott of South African goods. The aim as well was to get the Swedish government to proclaim sanctions against South Africa. They had some success in getting some local authorities as well as the army to stop using South African products. The Swedish monopoly state liquor shops also stopped importing from South Africa.

The Committee arranged several visits to Sweden by South African activists against apartheid, who took part in many meetings all over the country. The Committee also raised funds for mainly Defence & Aid Fund in London. When the liberation fronts started an armed struggle the Committee decided in 1965 to support that type of resistance as well.

The Committee dominated the anti-apartheid work in Sweden during the 1960s but its activities decreased as other organizations became more active.


[Sub-collection] Olof G. Tandberg's Private Collection
[Sub-collection] Per Wästberg's Private Collection
[Series] Various 1960 - 67
[Volume] Minutes from annual meetings, the board and executive committee a.o. 1961-1967
[Volume] Economy records 1961-62
[Volume] Subject related records from conferences, travels and visits 1961-65
[Volume] Correspondence 1961-67
[Volume] Indexes 1964-65
[Volume] Statutes 1965
[Volume] Statements etc. 1961-66
[Volume] Leaflets etc. 1961-63 and undated
[Volume] Various circulars 1961-65 and undated
[Volume] Circulars to members 1965-66 and undated
[Volume] Press cuttings 1960-64


The archive material was delivered by Anders Johansson and Dick Urban Vestbro.


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