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Support Group for the People of South Africa, SSF


The Support Group for the People of South Africa (Stödgruppen för Sydafrikas folk) was formed in October 1974. It was engaged in the solidarity work for South Africa at a time when the Africa Groups of Sweden (AGS) were mainly working with supporting the liberation fronts of the Portuguese colonies. The co-operation with AGS and the Stockholm Africa Group was very close. Up to 1976 it was unclear as to whether the group was a subcommittee under AGS or not, but at the AGM that year it was decided it was an independent organization. It had its seat in Bromma, a Stockholm suburb.

The group issued a periodical called "Phambili" (Forward).

In October 1979 the group became a working group at the office of the ANC representative in Stockholm and ceased to be an independent group.


[Series] Various 1975 - 79
[Volume] Minutes from annual meetings, the board, member meetings and Phambili editorial staff meetings 1975-1979 and undated.
[Volume] Circulars undated
[Volume] Circulars to members 1977 and undated
[Volume] Statutes 1975-77
[Volume] Member indexes 1975
[Volume] Correspondence 1975-76
[Volume] Subject related records from campaigns and conferences 1975-76


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