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Nordic Africa Institute - Collection from the liberation of Guinea-Bissau


This exhibition was donated to the Amílcar Cabral Foundation by the Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden. The exhibition was presented by Ms Birgitta Dahl, former Speaker of the Swedish Parliament, in connection with the 80th birthday celebrations of Amílcar Cabral.
Praia, 9-12 September, 2004.

Photographer and original arranger of the exhibition: Mr. Knut Andreasson

In 2015, Birgitte Dahl and Folke Löfgren were interviewed by the artist Filipa César for an art project.
The unedited interviews are around 3-4 hours long each and are available at the Nordic Africa Institute. Image and interview with Folke Löfgren and Birgitta Dahl: External link, opens in new window.


[Series] Collection of pictures
[Volume] Rice farmer
[Volume] Stocks of rice in front of a ”people’s store”
[Volume] Ongoing surgery
[Volume] The patient leaves the operating table. The nurse cleans the instruments
[Volume] The patients use their spare time for studies
[Volume] The PAIGC hospital in Boké, Guinea-Conakry
[Volume] Complicated surgery takes place in Boké
[Volume] The children come to school. Over 99% of the population were illiterate when the struggle started in 1963
[Volume] The school, well disguised in the woods. 75 such schools exist in the liberated areas
[Volume] The whole school - the house, the tables and chairs - are made of material from the surrounding woods. Only the blackboard is imported
[Volume] First graders read from the new ABC book. It has been printed in Sweden and funded by Norwegian students
[Volume] Singing and dancing - the national culture - is an important subject in the schools
[Volume] The PAIGC school Escola Piloto in Conakry
[Volume] Teachers are educated in Conakry
[Volume] Money is not used in Guinea Bissau. You trade with goods in the ”people’s store”
[Volume] Cleaning the weapon
[Volume] Birgitta Dahl accompanied by PAIGC in the liberated areas in Guinea Bissau, November 1970
[Volume] Birgitta Dahl in conversation with Amílcar Cabral
[Volume] The rice is cultivated on the slopes; it is the base of the country’s economy
[Volume] The rice is threshed and ground
[Volume] The women carry the food to the soldiers
[Volume] The old Portuguese roads are overgrown with weeds and the bridges have been blown up
[Volume] But PAIGC has its own bridges
[Volume] Portugal fights its war with the help of NATO weapons. Here the French built Alouette III in the air
[Volume] Birgitta Dahl, Lars Rudebeck and Onésimo Silveira visiting a school in the liberated areas
[Volume] Guinea Bissau has plenty of rivers. The boat is an important mode of transportation
[Volume] The oldest person in the village - Homem Grande - receives the visitors
[Volume] Some cultural activities during a break in the village
[Volume] PAIGC soldier
[Volume] Adult education in the army of PAIGC


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