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Lund Africa Group started in 1963 under the names "South Africa Committee in Lund" or "Lund's South Africa Committee". The purpose was to support the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. At the end of the 1960s the area of activity was widened to comprise even the other colonized countries in Southern Africa and the organization changed its name to Lund's Africa Group.

The main activity for many years was to edit the periodical "Africa Bulletin", which later became a magazine for the national Africa Groups of Sweden. Before 1967 the bulletin went under the name "South and South West Africa Information Bulletin". Other activities were i.a. demonstrations, lobbying, information work and fund raising for the liberation movements.

Quite a few letters to and from the liberation movements can be found in the correspondence series
E 1 A-C, as well as correspondence with other anti-apartheid movements in the world. Documents from international conferences are to be found in the series of subject related records, F 1-3.


[Series] Minutes : Minutes and agendas
[Volume] Minutes
[Volume] Minutes

[Series] Index & Ledger : List of members
[Volume] List of members

[Series] Incoming Documents : Correspondence in chronological order
[Volume] Correspondence 1963-1972, (Missing 1964-1968)
[Volume] Correspondence 1973-1979
[Volume] Correspondence 1980-1991 (gaps)

[Series] Incoming Documents : Correspondence, by subject
[Volume] Correspondence
[Volume] Correspondence
[Volume] Letters
[Volume] Letters
[Volume] Correspondence, with index.
[Volume] Correspondence, with index.
[Volume] Correspondence, with index.
[Volume] Correspondence, with index.

[Series] Incoming Documents : Correspondence, circular letters
[Volume] Circular letters, 1 box.

[Series] Subject Related Records : Documents from international conferences
[Volume] International conferences
[Volume] International conferences
[Volume] International conferences

[Series] Subject Related Records : Documents from AGS' conferences
[Volume] Documents from AGS' conferences

[Series] Subject Related Records : Regulations and programmes
[Volume] Regulations and programmes

[Series] Subject Related Records : Authorizations
[Volume] Authorizations, pocket.

[Series] Subject Related Records : Documents concerning Nigeria
[Volume] Nigeria, mainly material for a seminar paper.

[Series] Economy/Accounts
[Volume] Accounts

[Series] Other Documents : Press cuttings
[Volume] Press cuttings, 1 Box.

[Series] Other Documents : Journals, articles, printed matter
[Volume] Bulletins 1967-1980
[Volume] Sechaba 1974-1980
[Volume] Sechaba 1981
[Volume] Sechaba 1982-1983
[Volume] Sechaba 1984-1985
[Volume] Sechaba 1986-1987
[Volume] Sechaba 1989-1990
[Volume] ANC material
[Volume] Diverse printed material on Africa
[Volume] Diverse printed material on Africa
[Volume] The Africa Research Bulletin 1971-1972
[Volume] Articles and papers on African socialism, ca 1970.
[Volume] The Africa Group Internal Bulletin 1978-1979
[Volume] The Africa Group Internal Bulletin 1976-1977
[Volume] The Africa Bulletin 1975-1981
[Volume] The Africa Bulletin 1982-1988
[Volume] Bulletins 1963-1991
[Volume] Facts and reports 1982-1984
[Volume] Facts and reports 1985-1987
[Volume] Facts and reports 1988
[Volume] Facts and reports 1989
[Volume] Facts and reports 1990
[Volume] Facts and reports Jan-Sept. 1991
[Volume] South and Southwest Africa Bulletin 1964-1966
[Volume] The Africa Group Internal Bulletin 1973-1976
[Volume] Maps of Africa


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