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Lennart Renöfält's Private Collection


Former chairperson of ISAC in the 1980s and among those who took the initiative to forming this umbrella organization in his capacity as an active member of a religious youth organization. He was active locally with the Africa Groups in Uppsala and Ljusdal in the 1970s. He was later also a member of the International Defence and Fund (IDAF) board. Today he is a pastor of the Swedish Mission Church.

Most of the material is organizational documents from the different organizations Renöfält was engaged with, such as copies of minutes and correspondence as well as leaflets and information brochures. There are also some original documents and papers of a private nature. Especially interesting could be some documents on the work in 1978-79 preparing for the formation of ISAC. There are also quite a lot of press cuttings.

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Lennart Renöfält

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