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Rudebeck was involved with the Africa Groups of Sweden (AGS) and was a political scientist at Uppsala University. He has been deeply involved in Guinea-Bissau as a researcher with roots in the solidarity movement. He visited the PAIGC-controlled areas in 1970 and 1972 and has returned to the country many times since then, most recently in 2000. He did research on politics and development in Mozambique in the early 1980s. Today he is a researcher and teacher at the Collegium for Development Studies at Uppsala University.


A large portion of his material has been deposited at the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, but some is still retained in Rudebeck's home. The material concerns Guinea-Bissau to a large extent but there are also other documents, for instance from the war criminal trial in Luanda 1976, which he covered for AGS.


Lars Rudebeck
Telefon:018-471 3824

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