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Isolate South Africa Committee, ISAC


The Isolate South Africa Committee (Isolera Sydafrika-Kommitteén), ISAC, was constituted on 15 January 1979 after some preparation work during the autumn of 1978 performed by a group initiated by the Africa Groups of Sweden (AGS) together with some political and Christian youth organizations. The mission was to arrange an annual campaign for isolating apartheid South Africa with the following slogans: Do not buy South African products, Free the Political Prisoners, Dismantle Swedish Investments in South Africa, No Trade with South Africa, No Sport or Cultural Exchange with Official South Africa, Support the Liberation Struggle, Support ANC, South Africa out of Namibia and Support SWAPO. These were the objectives of the organization as well. Accordingly the name of the organization was at the beginning the Isolate South Africa Campaign.

ISAC was an umbrella organization consisting of a variety of organizations in one way or another engaged in the support for the struggle against apartheid and colonialism in southern Africa. All national organizations which could agree with the above mentioned slogans were welcome to become members. ISAC was mainly aimed at campaigning and its archive consists mostly of different types of campaign material. ISAC had at its peak 70 member organizations representing around 1.5 million individual members. All sectors of the Swedish society were represented except for the business sector, the conservative party and the extreme right wing parties, all of whom chose to stay out.

ISAC had annual general meetings to which every member organization sent one representative. The same rule applied for annual so-called ISAC meetings which changed name in 1981 to member meetings. The AGM elected a board for one year, which up to 1985 was called the Campaign Committee.

As a start a part-time campaign secretary was employed whose only task was to organize an annual boycott campaign week around Sharpville Day, 21 March. But after a few years the number of employed grew, also those who were employed full-time. The campaign activities expanded and ran for the whole year with different angles. ISAC was also involved in i.e. investigations, publishing books, conferences and exhibitions. Among the campaigns could be mentioned “Tear down the Apartheid prison”, “Fires against Apartheid”, and the Shell campaign, “Children against Apartheid”, “Peace and Election Monitoring”.

Several tours with representatives for ANC, SWAPO and African trade unions were carried out. During the 1980s the cultural tours were important. When Mandela visited Sweden a gala was arranged.

In 1986 the whole of the Swedish anti-apartheid movement was assembled for a so-called People's Parliament arranged by ISAC and the Swedish UN Association. Together with the Africa Groups of Sweden ISAC participated in annual Nordic meetings to coordinate the solidarity work in the different Nordic countries and also arranged information meetings with the Frontline States’ ambassadors to the Nordic countries. ISAC took part in numerous international meetings of different kinds and together with the Africa Groups also organized several such meetings in Sweden for the international Anti-Apartheid Movement.

ISAC got good coverage in the Swedish mass media. The press cuttings material is extensive. Important organizations within sport, culture and other areas invited ISAC to negotiations and cooperation. Private and official decision-makers had to take the existence of ISAC into consideration in some way when planning their activities involving Southern Africa. The solidarity work was eventually successful when imports of South African agricultural products were forbidden in 1985 and total trade sanctions were decided upon in 1987.

At the beginning of the 1990s, when the apartheid regime began to break down, ISAC started to engage in twinning projects between Sweden and South Africa. They recruited peace monitors and election observers to cover the elections in 1994 and consequently changed their name to ISAC - the South Africa Committee. ISAC was dismantled in 1995 when the aims of the organization were reached and the people of Namibia and South Africa had elected parliaments and governments in their countries.

Its entire archive was first transferred to the Nordic Africa Institute for successive transportation to ARAB. This material is not fully organized and it is dominated by material from campaigns, meetings, people's parliaments, international exchanges and other similar activities.


[Sub-collection] Bertil Högberg's private collection (on ISAC material)
[Sub-collection] Karl Gunnar Norén's Private Collection
[Sub-collection] Lennart Renöfält's Private Collection
[Sub-collection] Magnus Walan's Private Collection
[Sub-collection] Uppsala Isolate South Africa Committee
[Series] Minutes and documents: Annual General Meetings
[Volume] Preliminaries and constituent meeting 1978-79
[Volume] Annual General Meetings 1980-92 and 1995

[Series] Minutes and documents: ISAC meetings and Member meetings
[Volume] ISAC meetings 1979-81
[Volume] Member meetings 1981-91

[Series] Minutes and attachments: Campaign Committee and Board
[Volume] Campaign Committee meetings 1981-85
[Volume] Board meetings 1985-87
[Volume] Board meetings 1988-92
[Volume] Board documents 1987-91 and undated
[Volume] Board meetings 1992-95

[Series] Minutes and attachments: Executive Subcommittee
[Volume] Executive Subcommittee meetings 1979-81
[Volume] Executive Subcommittee meetings 1985-89
[Volume] Executive Subcommittee meetings 1990-92

[Series] Minutes with attachments: Various working groups
[Volume] The Sanctions Group meetings 1983-85
[Volume] Coordination Group for Southern Africa (SAMSA) meetings 1988-93
[Volume] The International Group meetings 1984-90
[Volume] The Boycott Group meetings 1983
[Volume] The Trade Union Group meetings 1989
[Volume] Meetings with ISAC, Africa Groups of Sweden (AGS) and the AGS Recruitment Organisation (ARO) 1985 and 1990
[Volume] The Business and Enterprise Group meetings 1988-89
[Volume] The Fundraising Group meetings 1990-91

[Series] Minutes with attachments: Staff and Office
[Volume] Staff and office meetings 1986-94

[Series] Circular documents: Organisational circulars
[Volume] Circulars to member organisations 1980-85
[Volume] Circulars to board members and member organisations 1982-86
[Volume] Circulars to member organisations 1984-87
[Volume] Circulars to member organisations 1987-89
[Volume] Circulars to member organisations 1988-89
[Volume] Circulars to member organisations 1990-91

[Series] Circular documents: Statements, press statements, leaflets etc.
[Volume] Statements 1979-81
[Volume] Statements, open letters, leaflets etc.
[Volume] Statements etc. 1984-90
[Volume] Statements 1984-93 and undated
[Volume] Statements concerning the Shell campaign etc 1986-89
[Volume] Press statements etc 1982-95

[Series] Printed matter: Statutes, annual narrative reports and activity plans
[Volume] Statutes 1979-89
[Volume] Annual narrative reports 1981-94
[Volume] Activity plans 1982-93
[Volume] Annual narrative reports and directions for the future 1992-94

[Series] Printed matters: Information material, publications, campaign material etc.
[Volume] Scandinavian and Nordic Newsletter 1984-93
[Volume] Stickers
[Volume] Stickers, badges, candles
[Volume] Miscellaneous printed matter 1983-94
[Volume] Information on ISAC and the anti-apartheid work 1985-91
[Volume] Various publications 1981-95
[Volume] Various publications 1979-92
[Volume] Publications in English 1980-90
[Volume] AMANDLA 1991-95
[Volume] ISAC Campaign Information 1983 and 1989-94
[Volume] Campaign Bulletin 1987-94 and undated
[Volume] Southern Africa News 1985-93
[Volume] Leaflets, posters, material lists etc 1983-92 and undated

[Series] Printed matter: Posters 1979 - 1994 and undated

[Series] Correspondence: Incoming documents, Sweden
[Volume] Answers on appeal for establishing ISAC etc. 1978-79
[Volume] Solidarity House Economic Association (SHEF) 1987-92
[Volume] Various Sweden 1986-91
[Volume] Invitations to seminars etc in Sweden 1984-92
[Volume] Statements by other Swedish organisations 1983-92
[Volume] School papers, exam papers 1983-90
[Volume] Member organisations 1983-89
[Volume] Various Sweden 1982-92
[Volume] Various Sweden 1980-93
[Volume] Various Sweden 1979-87
[Volume] Member organisations 1978-84
[Volume] Member organisations 1988-92

[Series] Registers, lists
[Volume] Member indexes etc 1978-94
[Volume] Indexes over member organisations 1985-94
[Volume] Indexes over members, support organisations, board members and subscriptions 1985-87
[Volume] Indexes over member organisations, applications for membership 1986-91
[Volume] Register over informants and information material 1986-89 and undated
[Volume] Various registers 1992
[Volume] Various registers undated

[Series] Correspondence: Incoming documents, abroad
[Volume] Various countries 1984-92
[Volume] Namibia Communication Centre 1986-89 and undated
[Volume] Namibia incl. the SWAPO rep. in Stockholm 1986-90 and undated
[Volume] Various statements from South Africa 1986-92
[Volume] Africa 1989 and undated
[Volume] Statements from ANC 1989-93
[Volume] South Africa incl. the ANC rep. in Stockholm
[Volume] Project applications from South Africa 1992-93

[Series] Correspondence: Incoming and outgoing documents, Sweden and abroad
[Volume] Liberation movements 1979-81 and 1987-90
[Volume] Trade unions in South Africa 1985-90
[Volume] Trade unions in South Africa 1985-90
[Volume] Various incoming documents 1984-89
[Volume] Incoming documents, Sweden and abroad excl. Africa 1984-89 and undated
[Volume] Various in- and outgoing documents 1982-89
[Volume] Various outgoing documents 1982-90
[Volume] Correspondence concerning Nordic government policy 1981-91
[Volume] Various incoming documents 1981-83
[Volume] Various abroad 1979-81
[Volume] Sweden and abroad 1993-95

[Series] Subject related records: ISAC Campaign Week
[Volume] Local activities 1983-84
[Volume] National activities 1990
[Volume] National activities 1989
[Volume] Local activities 1989-93
[Volume] National activities 1988
[Volume] National activities 1987
[Volume] Local activities 1987-88
[Volume] National activities 1986
[Volume] National activities: "Youth against apartheid" 1985
[Volume] Local activities 1985-86
[Volume] National activities 1984
[Volume] National activities 1983
[Volume] National activities 1991

[Series] Subject related records: Campaigns for political prisoners
[Volume] Background and reference material 1977-90
[Volume] Campaign for the Pietersburg 12 1979-86
[Volume] Campaign administration etc. 1983-85
[Volume] Various campaigns, i.a. Mandela 1984-89
[Volume] High treason trials 1985-89
[Volume] Various campaigns 1986-89
[Volume] "Tear down apartheid's prison" 1988-90
[Volume] Robben Island and Mandela 1990
[Volume] Hunger strike 1990

[Series] Subject related records: Various campaigns, demonstrations, calls on authorities, appeals, fundraising
[Volume] Operation Day's Work 1979-80 and 1985
[Volume] Various actions 1986-92
[Volume] Appeals by advertisements in South African media 1986, 1988 and 1992
[Volume] "The Freedom Pledge" 1988-89
[Volume] Campaign for free elections in Namibia 1989-90
[Volume] Various activities 1989-92
[Volume] Fundraising by i.a. sale of candles and South African seeds 1989-94
[Volume] The Amandla Award 1989-95
[Volume] Demonstration and public meeting 1991
[Volume] "Beat the drum" campaign 1992-93
[Volume] Various fundraising activities 1992-93
[Volume] Collection of tapes for Radio Freedom 1986-90
[Volume] "Children against apartheid" 1986-89
[Volume] Local trade union activities 1985-92
[Volume] Namibia campaigns 1981-86
[Volume] Calls on parliament etc 1981-92
[Volume] Lobbying parliament 1982-88
[Volume] Calls on the Nordic governments, parliaments and authorities 1983-91
[Volume] Nordic cooperation 1983-84 and 1992
[Volume] Appeals and signature collections 1984-88 and undated
[Volume] Collection of money and signatures for a total boycott of Souh Africa
[Volume] Demonstration 11 October 1985-86
[Volume] Trade union campaigns 1985-92
[Volume] National trade union activities 1985-92
[Volume] Fasting-action 1993

[Series] Subject related records: The democracy process, violence and election in South Africa 1985 -1994
[Volume] The repression: Investigation reports 1985-94
[Volume] Election dossier 1994
[Volume] Election observers: Transition negotiations 1992-93
[Volume] Election observers: Reports etc. 1994
[Volume] Election observers: Correspondence etc. 1994
[Volume] Election observers: Activities in Sweden 1994
[Volume] Election observers: Various documents 1994
[Volume] Election observers: Press cuttings 1994
[Volume] Peace monitoring, PEMSA etc. 1993-94
[Volume] Manifestation for democracy in South Africa 1994
[Volume] Newsletter: Election Monitor
[Volume] Newsletter: "XX days to go" 1993-94
[Volume] Appeals in South African newspapers 1993-94
[Volume] The repression: Reactions of the Swedish solidarity movement 1986-92
[Volume] The repression: Reactions of the international solidarity movement 1990-91
[Volume] The repression: Reactions of ANC and others 1990-91
[Volume] The repression: Various documents 1991-93
[Volume] The repression: Press cuttings in English 1985-91
[Volume] The repression: Swedish press cuttings 1990-91
[Volume] Various background and reference documents 1990-92
[Volume] The support for ANC 1992-94
[Volume] Campaign for fair elections in South Africa 1993-94
[Volume] Election sit up in Sweden 1994

[Series] Subject related records: Twinning with South Africa
[Volume] Swedish and international contacts 1991-93
[Volume] Project applications from South Africa 1991-93
[Volume] Various records 1992-93
[Volume] Swedish contacts 1992-94
[Volume] Goldberg tour in Sweden 1993
[Volume] Twinning visit to South Africa 1993

[Series] Subject related records: Tours, public meetings, events, exhibitions etc.
[Volume] SACTU tours in Sweden
[Volume] ISAC 10 years 1989
[Volume] South Africa Festivals in Gothenburg 1989-91
[Volume] Various tours in Sweden with South Africans 1989-92
[Volume] Various culture events 1989-93
[Volume] Exhibition: "The black township" 1991-92
[Volume] ANC 80 years 1992
[Volume] Public meeting with Mandela 1992
[Volume] ANC tour in Sweden 1992
[Volume] Mandela gala 1992
[Volume] Commemoration, Ciskei massacre 1992
[Volume] Public appeal meeting 1993
[Volume] Tours in Sweden with South Africans 1993-94
[Volume] South Africa days at Skansen, Stockholm Open Air Museum, 1994
[Volume] COSATU tour in Sweden 1989
[Volume] ANC 75 years 1987
[Volume] Local activities 1978-82 and 1990
[Volume] SACTU tours in Sweden 1980-81
[Volume] ANC 70 years 1982
[Volume] "Meeting place Africa" in Stockholm 1983-84
[Volume] Public meeting with Desmond Tutu 1984
[Volume] Exhibition: Painters against apartheid 1985
[Volume] SOMAFCO tour (Solomon Mahlango Freedom College) 1985
[Volume] Gala: Rock against apartheid 1985
[Volume] International Day during the Swedish election campaign September 1985
[Volume] ANC Culture tour in Sweden 1985
[Volume] Exhibition: Namibia, 1985-87
[Volume] Multislide presentation: "White shadows" 1986-87
[Volume] Southern Africa Festival 1987
[Volume] Jennifer Ferguson tour in Sweden 1994

[Series] Subject related records: Campaigns concerning economic sanctions
[Volume] Retail trade campaigns 1979-86 and undated
[Volume] International Gold Campaign 1989-90
[Volume] International campaign against loans to South Africa 1989
[Volume] Boycott affair concerning Stockholm University Student Union 1989
[Volume] Campaign against construction company building student hostel in Örebro, Sweden 1989
[Volume] Campaign against ABB 1989
[Volume] Campaign against ASEA-ABB 1988-89
[Volume] Campaigns against private companies in Sweden 1986-92
[Volume] Campaigns against private companies in Sweden 1985-88
[Volume] Campaigns against private companies in Sweden 1982-90
[Volume] Campaigns against private companies in Sweden 1982-88
[Volume] Trade sanctions 1982-88
[Volume] Municipality boycott 1982-86
[Volume] Campaigns against SAS (Scandinavian Airline Systems) 1979-90
[Volume] Campaign concerning dental gold from South Africa 1990

[Series] Subject related records: Campaigns concerning sanctions against Shell
[Volume] International Shell campaign 1980-89
[Volume] Municipality boycott against Shell 1988-89
[Volume] County councils and the Shell boycott 1988-89
[Volume] Housing cooperatives and the Shell boycott 1988-89
[Volume] The trade unions, the church and the Shell boycott 1987-89
[Volume] Nordic Shell campaign 1986-90
[Volume] Swedish Shell campaign 1986-90
[Volume] Swedish campaign against Shell 1986-90
[Volume] Swedish Shell campaign 1986-90
[Volume] International campaign against Shell 1986-89
[Volume] Chronology of actions against Shell 1986-89
[Volume] Municipality boycot against Shell 1986-89
[Volume] Local actions 1986-89
[Volume] Local Shell dealers 1986-88
[Volume] Campaign against Shell 1985-91
[Volume] Information from Shell 1985-89
[Volume] Information material on Shell 1984-87
[Volume] Shell shareholders' meeting 1990

[Series] Subject related records: Sport sanctions
[Volume] Various actions 1979-89
[Volume] UN blacklists over sport boycott breakers 1980-92
[Volume] Various actions 1984-85
[Volume] Various documents on sport boycott 1985-89
[Volume] "The Peace Run" in Gothenburg 1985-92
[Volume] Sportsmen against apartheid 1985-92

[Series] Subject related records: Cultural sanctions
[Volume] UN blacklists over boycott breakers 1983-88
[Volume] Various actions 1983-91
[Volume] Academic boycotts 1985-90
[Volume] Archeologist union boycott 1986-87
[Volume] Miss World contest in Sun City 1992

[Series] Subject related records: Various sanction campaigns etc.
[Volume] Visa issues etc. 1981-89
[Volume] Action against boycott breakers at the exhibition "Foreign aid is needed" in Jönköping 1990
[Volume] Lobbying for continued sanctions against South Africa by eastern European countries 1990
[Volume] Action against British sanctions policy 1990
[Volume] Joint statement by the Swedish blue and white collar trade unions, Swedish Ecumenical Council and ISAC 1989
[Volume] Stockholm city's month of gender October 1989
[Volume] The Swedish nurses trade union and sanctions against South Africa 1986-87
[Volume] The Swedish magazine on hunting, "Svensk Jakt", and the boycott of South Africa 1986
[Volume] Appeal for total boycott of South Africa 1985-86
[Volume] The Swedish trade union movement and sanctions against South Africa 1984-92
[Volume] Various boycott actions 1984-87
[Volume] The Swedish physiotherapist union and the boycott against South Africa 1984
[Volume] Various boycott actions 1983-89
[Volume] Arms embargo 1983-89
[Volume] Action against ABB in connection with the event "Young in Västerås" 1990

[Series] Subject related records: Conferences, seminars, workshops, courses, camps etc.
[Volume] ICSA conference in Södertälje 11-13.4 1980
[Volume] CASA conference in Amsterdam 14-19.12 1987
[Volume] International conferences 1987-89
[Volume] Namibia seminar 23-24.4 1988
[Volume] Symposium "Culture against apartheid" in Athens 2-4.9 1988
[Volume] International conferences 1988-92
[Volume] Various seminars etc. 1988-95
[Volume] Conference for a democratic future in Johannesburg 1989
[Volume] Conference "Free the children from apartheid" in Stockholm 1989
[Volume] Malibongwe conference in Amsterdam 16-18.1 1990
[Volume] "Youth against apartheid" in Oskarshamn 1-3.3 1991
[Volume] International solidarity conference in Johannesburg 19-21.2 1993
[Volume] ANC Youth League conference 1993
[Volume] Women's seminar in Stockholm 12-14.3 1993
[Volume] Youth parliament 12-15.5 1994
[Volume] Conference on the future of the solidarity movements in Europe 1994
[Volume] Youth camp: "To build bridges"
[Volume] International conference on "Children under apartheid" in Harare September 1987
[Volume] Various meetings and conferences 1986 and 1989-91
[Volume] Namibia seminar in Helsinki 9-11.3 1981
[Volume] Nordic conferences och cooperation 1981-93
[Volume] Various seminars 1984-85
[Volume] Various seminars in Sweden 1984-93
[Volume] International conferences 1984-87
[Volume] Conference in Amsterdam 12-14.9 1985: "The West European Response"
[Volume] Nordic meetings with the Frontline States' ambassadors to the Nordic countries 1985-91
[Volume] International conferences 1985-94
[Volume] International conferences against apartheid sport in Paris 1985, Harare 1987 and Stockholm 1990
[Volume] International seminar on arms embargo in London 28-30.5 1986
[Volume] People's Parliament against apartheid 1986
[Volume] People's Parliament against apartheid 1986
[Volume] People's Parliament against apartheid 1986: Press cuttings and printed matter.
[Volume] International workshops for solidarity organisations in Stockholm 1986 and Sigtuna 1987
[Volume] International conferences 1986-87
[Volume] Workshops on Namibia 1986-88
[Volume] Seminar on democracy and equality 1995

[Series] Subject related records: Trips and visits
[Volume] Trip to Namibia 12-29.3 1990
[Volume] Delegation trip to Namibia 19.6-4.7 1990
[Volume] Travel report: Film and video in South Africa 1991
[Volume] South Africa trips 1991 and 1993
[Volume] Delegation trip 1992
[Volume] Study trip to South Africa 1992
[Volume] AWEPA trip 1994

[Series] Subject related records: Investigations, evaluations, research etc.
[Volume] The attitude of the Swedish political parties to the situation in Southern Africa 1979
[Volume] Nordic bureau and foundation for monitoring the sanctions 1987-90

[Series] Subject related records:Documents on material production and sales
[Volume] Documents on all types of material production, marketing, leasing, purchases, distribution and economy 1983-94
[Volume] Southern Africa News 1985-89
[Volume] Calendar 1993-94
[Volume] Originals 1986-93
[Volume] Sales and marketing (originals) 1989-93

[Series] Subject related records: Staff and office
[Volume] Instructions 1983, 1986 and 1988
[Volume] The liquidation 1995
[Volume] Strategies for contacts with member organisations 1988-92
[Volume] Trainee reports 1988-90
[Volume] Staff issues: wages, insurances, agreements etc. 1987-95
[Volume] Various office leasing contracts, registration documents, reports to the police etc 1987-94
[Volume] Instructions for informants 1986
[Volume] Staff training 1985-91
[Volume] Planning and distribution of work 1984-92
[Volume] Various agreements etc 1984-95
[Volume] Stamps

[Series] Subject related records: Varia
[Volume] Lodging of appeals concerning classified official documents 1980-84
[Volume] Lodging of appeals to the Swedish Broadcasting Council 1989-91
[Volume] Internal dicussions concerning Winnie Mandela 1991

[Series] Economy documents: Cash-books and annual financial reports
[Volume] Cash-books 1979-86
[Volume] Annual financial reports 1980-82
[Volume] Annual financial reports 1985-87
[Volume] Annual financial report 1987-88
[Volume] Annual financial report 1988-89
[Volume] Annual financial report 1989-90
[Volume] Annual financial report 1990-91
[Volume] Annual financial report 1991-92
[Volume] Annual financial report 1992-93

[Series] Economy documents: Applications and reports etc.
[Volume] SIDA 1979-81
[Volume] SIDA 1976-94
[Volume] SIDA 1982-95
[Volume] SIDA 1985-94
[Volume] SIDA 1986-94
[Volume] Foreign office and parliament 1985-94
[Volume] Various funding institutions and authorities 1985-94

[Series] Economy documents: Varia
[Volume] Speaker's tour 1986
[Volume] People's Parliament against apartheid 1986
[Volume] ANC 80 years 1992
[Volume] Letters from SWAPO and ANC confirming receipt of funds 1987-89
[Volume] Insurance policies 1989-95
[Volume] Fundraising 1992-95
[Volume] Various financial documents 1987-94

[Series] Press cuttings: Sanctions
[Volume] General 1983-91
[Volume] Shell 1988-90
[Volume] Shell, municipalities and county councils 1987-90
[Volume] Shell and municipalities 1988-89
[Volume] Shell (English and Swedish) 1985-91
[Volume] Shell (Swedish, Nordic and English) 1986-90
[Volume] Shell (English) 1986
[Volume] Shell (English) 1987
[Volume] Sports 1981-91
[Volume] Sports 1981-93
[Volume] Sports etc. 1982-92
[Volume] Sports (English) 1981-93
[Volume] Shell 1988-89
[Volume] Shell 1986-95
[Volume] Shell 1986
[Volume] General 1984-93
[Volume] General 1985-92
[Volume] General 1985-86
[Volume] General 1985-92
[Volume] General 1984-95
[Volume] General 1985-94
[Volume] General 1989-93
[Volume] Private firms 1982-92
[Volume] Private firms 1985-88
[Volume] Private firms 1985-88
[Volume] Shell 1984-89
[Volume] Culture 1982-92

[Series] Press cuttings etc.: Various activities in Sweden
[Volume] National activities 1984-95
[Volume] National activities 1985
[Volume] National activities 1990
[Volume] Mandela in Sweden 1990
[Volume] Local activities 1984-88
[Volume] Local activities 1984-95
[Volume] Local activities, local organisations A-N 1985
[Volume] Local activities, local organisations O-Ö, 1985
[Volume] Activities of other Swedish solidarity organisations 1979-95

[Series] Press cuttings: Political developments in South Africa and Namibia
[Volume] South Africa 1980-85
[Volume] South Africa: Election campaign 1994
[Volume] South Africa: Elections 1994
[Volume] South Africa: ANC and the election 1994
[Volume] South Africa: The violence 1994
[Volume] South Africa: After the elections 1994
[Volume] Sweden and the elections in South Africa 1994
[Volume] South Africa : Trade and economy 1994
[Volume] Namibia 1985-92
[Volume] South Africa: Election campaign 1994
[Volume] South Africa: Election campaign 1994
[Volume] South Africa 1984-94
[Volume] South Africa (English) 1986-89
[Volume] South Africa (English) 1989-93
[Volume] South Africa (English) 1990-92
[Volume] South Africa (English) 1990-93
[Volume] South Africa (English) 1991-94
[Volume] South Africa (English) 1992-93
[Volume] South Africa (English) 1994
[Volume] Namibia 1989-90

[Series] Printed matter: Information material from other Swedish solidarity organisaions
[Volume] Swedish political organisations 1975 and 1983-89
[Volume] Swedish solidarity organisations etc. 1975-89
[Volume] Extreme right wing organisations 1979-83
[Volume] Swedish solidarity organisations etc. 1978-92
[Volume] Swedish political organisations etc. 1981-88
[Volume] Instructions: Africa Groups of Sweden: Instructions for local organisations 1985
[Volume] Reports
[Volume] Reports

[Series] Printed matter: Info material from foreign and international organisations and institutions
[Volume] Africa
[Volume] Norway
[Volume] New Zealand
[Volume] Portugal
[Volume] Switzerland
[Volume] The Sovjet Union
[Volume] Spain
[Volume] Great Britain
[Volume] South Africa (ia investigations on violence)
[Volume] USA
[Volume] West Germany
[Volume] Austria
[Volume] Association of West European Parliamentarians against apartheid (AWEPAA)
[Volume] United Nations
[Volume] International Defense and Aid Fund (IDAF)
[Volume] Shipping Research Bureau
[Volume] Various international organisations
[Volume] Nordic countries
[Volume] Nigeria
[Volume] Australia
[Volume] Belgium
[Volume] Denmark
[Volume] Denmark
[Volume] Ethiopia
[Volume] Finland
[Volume] France
[Volume] Gambia
[Volume] India
[Volume] Ireland
[Volume] Israel
[Volume] Italy
[Volume] Japan
[Volume] Canada
[Volume] Latin America
[Volume] The Netherlands
[Volume] East Germany

[Series] Printed matter: Swedish authorities
[Volume] The government 1977-92
[Volume] Foreign office and other departments and state authorities 1977-94
[Volume] Parliament 1979-93

[Series] Documentation by subjects
[Volume] Arms embargo (English)
[Volume] South Africa: The future of the armed forces, 1994
[Volume] South Africa: After apartheid 1994-95
[Volume] South Africa: The election campaign 1994
[Volume] South Africa: The transitional period 1991-94
[Volume] South Africa: Press freedom 1990-92
[Volume] South Africa: ANC 1991-95
[Volume] South Africa: ANC 1987-94
[Volume] South Africa: The resistance 1984-93
[Volume] South Africa: Trade Union Movement 1983-91
[Volume] South Africa: The political developments 1979-94
[Volume] Sanctions, general (English) 1985-92
[Volume] Sanctions, general (Swedish) 1981-92
[Volume] Economic sanctions 1985-91
[Volume] Economic sanctions 1985-90
[Volume] Economic sanctions 1985-90
[Volume] Economic sanctions 1981-91
[Volume] Arms embargo (Swedish)
[Volume] South Africa: NGO projects 1984-92

[Series] Audio-visual material
[Volume] Videos: South Africa 1977-94
[Volume] Sound tapes: South Africa etc.
[Volume] Slide shows: South Africa and Namibia
[Volume] Various slide shows 1988-93
[Volume] Video: Nelson Mandela Gala
[Volume] Videos: Sweden 1985-93
[Volume] Videos: Sweden etc 1981-89
[Volume] Videos: Sweden, Zimbabwe 1979-85
[Volume] Videos: Southern Africa
[Volume] Videos: Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia 1984-93
[Volume] Sound and slide presentation: ANC, a personal appeal, 1994
[Volume] Videos: South Africa
[Volume] Videos: South Africa 1985-88
[Volume] Videos: South Africa 1982-93
[Volume] Videos: South Africa 1982-88
[Volume] Videos: South Africa 1982-87
[Volume] Sound tapes: Sweden

[Series] Photos
[Volume] Unsorted photos and negatives
[Volume] Unsorted photos


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