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The Frelimo Group (Frelimogruppen) was established on 5 November 1968 with the objective to support Frelimo in Mozambique economically and inform the public in Sweden about the developments in Mozambique and Frelimo activities. It was a local group with its centre in the office of one of the governmental authorities in Stockholm. The initiator, Sören Lindh (very active in the anti-apartheid movement of Sweden), was an employee there and several of the other employees at the office and other authorities were engaged in the support for Frelimo. The group had 60 paying members in 1973 and was probably dismantled in 1977.

They were involved in fund raising. A monthly fee was deducted from the salary of the members. They also collected clothes and other items needed by Frelimo. Distribution of the periodical Mozambique Revolution and study circles on the developments in Mozambique were two other activities.

Together with Stockholm Africa Group and a former third world organization the group formed the association Frelimo-Sweden late in 1972.


[Series] Various 1970 - 1977
[Volume] Minutes 1973-1974
[Volume] Activity reports and statements 1970-1974
[Volume] Member indexes 1973
[Volume] Correspondence with Frelimo 1971-1975
[Volume] War communiques from Frelimo 1973-1974
[Volume] Various correspondence 1971-1974
[Volume] Subject related records from seminars etc 1973
[Volume] Financial records 1972-1977


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