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Dick Urban Vestbro's Private Records


Dick Urban Vestbro, born 24.4. 1940 and today architect and professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, was very active in the 1960s and 70s with several different anti-colonial and anti-apartheid organizations. Within the Africa Groups of Sweden he was active in the local groups in Lund and Stockholm. He held positions of trust in several of these organizations. At the end of the 60s he traveled around Sweden to revive solidarity associations which had been inactive for a longer time.


His private records cover an extensive international correspondence with persons involved in the work against colonialism and apartheid and also the liberation fronts in Southern Africa as well as in Guinea-Bissau. He was also in touch with other solidarity movements, especially in the West. Among these persons we can name Agostino Neto and Basil Davidson.

Copies of minutes from meetings between different Swedish solidarity organizations can also be found in his records.

Correspondence contents (by file):

- Sweden 1961-1978 and undated
- International 1961-1985
- Various minutes, Sweden 1964-1965

See also an interview with Mr. Vestbro


The information has been provided by Dick Urban Vestbro.


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