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Committee for the Release of Nelson Mandela


The Committee for the Release of Nelson Mandela (Kommittén för Nelson Mandelas frigivning) was an association of several Swedish central organizations with the objective of celebrating the release of Mandela and working for the release of all political prisoners in South Africa and the total eradication of apartheid. It was formed in January 1990 and dismantled in April the very same year and was a part of the international Nelson Mandela Reception Committee. Members of the committee were i.e. the Africa Groups of Sweden, Isolate South Africa Committee, Swedish Ecumenical Council, UN Association of Sweden, National Council of Swedish Youth and the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden.

The economic trustees were the Africa Groups of Sweden and Isolate South Africa Committee. The honourable chairpersons were Archbishop Bertil Werkström, MP Karin Söder, Ambassador Ernst Michanek, writer Per Wästberg and the ANC representative in Stockholm Billy Modise.

The main practical task for the committee was to arrange the reception of Nelson Mandela in Sweden on his first visit outside Africa in March 1990.


[Series] Various 1990 - 1992
[Volume] Records from the Mandela Gala 16 March 1990
[Volume] Correspondence 1990-1992
[Volume] Financial records 1990
[Volume] Press cuttings from Mandela's visit to Sweden 1990


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