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[Series] KISA-Reports

[Series] MED - Mission Evangelisation Diaconal Journal 1971-1982
[Volume] 1971
[Volume] 1980
[Volume] 1979
[Volume] 1978
[Volume] 1977
[Volume] 1976
[Volume] 1975
[Volume] 1974
[Volume] 1973
[Volume] 1972
[Volume] 1981/82

[Series] Yearbook, Annual Report of the Church of Sweden Aid [Lutherhjälpen] - Swedish National Committee of LWF

[Series] Yearbook 1960 - 1990 Church of Sweden Mission

[Series] Church of Sweden Mission [Lutherhjälpen] - Journal 1972-1981

[Series] Utblick (View) - a Journal published by the Church of Sweden Mission 1960-1970
[Volume] Articles on: South Africa, Government, Race laws.
[Volume] Articles on: Congregation breakdown in South Africa, Another Oscarsberg in Lesotho.
[Volume] Articles on: The SA Church, African Priest Leonhardt Mabaso's Sweden-visit.
[Volume] Articles on: Pastor Manas Buthelezi, Marriage in Apartheid, Ecclesiastical opposition against apartheid.
[Volume] Articles on: African Artist Azaria Mbatha, New Statement against apartheid.
[Volume] School of Art at Rorke’s Drift Nr. 10 pp. 15-16
[Volume] Handicraft Centre in Zululand pp. 8-11
[Volume] Article on: The Mission and the Territorial Apartheid of South Africa
[Volume] Articles on: Thomas Luthili, Albert Luthuli, Simon Mbata
[Volume] Articles on: the Missions medical treatment and apartheid, Lesotho towards civil war?, etc.


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