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The solidarity organization "Bread and Fishes" (Brödet och Fiskarna) was founded in Västerås in 1972 as a Christian group working mainly with social work. Inspiration for the ways of operating came from the French Emmaus movement. The activities were mainly to collect clothes and other items and sell some of them at flee-markets to sustain the activities of the group. From 1979 the group no longer considered itself Christian. The number of people employed has varied between 15 and 25. In the 70’s they were only given an allowance, later a small salary was paid.

International solidarity soon became the focus of the group and from 1974 support for SWAPO started with the first shipment of clothes. In 1975 support for ANC and ZANU started. Besides clothes and shoes all kinds of equipment requested for the refugee settlements was shipped. Bicycles, sewing machines, fabric, pots and pans, tents, blankets. In cooperation with the health groups within the Africa Groups considerable amounts of medical supplies and equipment were packed an shipped. Substantial contributions were also given in cash.

From 1979 to 1989 BF together with the Africa Groups of Sweden ran a major medical project for SWAPO in Kwaza Sul Angola.

In the 80’s various support programmes were also started with Polisario, Angola, Mozambique, Eritrea, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Bread and Fishes cooperates with some of the Emmaus groups in Sweden in the organization Practical Solidarity.

Exiled students and other members of the liberation movements regularly visited and also worked for various periods with the organization. Västerås has remained the headquarters but in the 80’s several branches started in the surrounding towns.

The archive contains various minutes, comprehensive annual reports and other documents all in Swedish. There is however extensive correspondence with the liberation movements from 1974 and onwards. There are also all the lists of contents in the numerous shipments of goods, all of them in English.

There are also reports (Swedish) and many pictures from various visits to settlements in the front line states. Some of the pictures from the trips and the activities in Sweden have been scanned.


[Sub-collection] Bertil Högberg's private collection (on Bread and Fishes material)
[Series] Minutes from Board Meetings
[Volume] 1974-1976
[Volume] 1981
[Volume] 1977-1980
[Volume] 1996-1999
[Volume] 1988-1995
[Volume] 1986-1988
[Volume] 1982

[Series] Minutes from the LT Group
[Volume] 1974-1980

[Series] Minutes from the ISUTE Group
[Volume] 1974-1975

[Series] Minutes from the Clothes Group
[Volume] 1976-1980

[Series] Minutes from the Information Group
[Volume] 1974-1992

[Series] Minutes from Annual Meetings
[Volume] 1988-1998 (Not 1995)
[Volume] 1975-1979
[Volume] 1980-1985

[Series] Minutes from AU
[Volume] 1983-1986
[Volume] 1980-1982
[Volume] 1986-1992
[Volume] 1992-1999

[Series] Minutes from Aid Meetings
[Volume] 1978-1988
[Volume] 1988-1994

[Series] Minutes from Sales Meetings
[Volume] 1976-1994

[Series] Minutes from the Namuno Committee
[Volume] 1988-1994 (Not 1989-1991)
[Volume] 1994-1996

[Series] Minutes from the 4 Group's Meetings
[Volume] 1983-1987

[Series] Other Minutes
[Volume] 1972-1974
[Volume] 1973-1980
[Volume] 1981-1995

[Series] Outgoing documents
[Volume] 1973-1982
[Volume] 1977-1992 (With statutes 1984)
[Volume] 1981-1985 (Work descriptions)
[Volume] 1990-1995

[Series] Activities and audit reports
[Volume] 1972-1996

[Series] Outgoing printed Material
[Volume] 1982-1991
[Volume] 1988-1993

[Series] Older archive indexes and delivery notifications
[Volume] 1984-1992

[Series] Diaries
[Volume] 1984-1986
[Volume] 1988-1989

[Series] Driving journals
[Volume] Drivers journal for the collection of donated material

[Series] Other registers
[Volume] 1988-1995

[Series] Correspondence concerning aid deliveries - chronological order
[Volume] 1973-1982
[Volume] 1986-1987
[Volume] 1986-1987
[Volume] 1985-1986
[Volume] 1985-1986
[Volume] 1984-1985
[Volume] 1984-1985
[Volume] 1983-1988
[Volume] 1982-1984
[Volume] 1982-1984
[Volume] 1982
[Volume] 1980-1981
[Volume] 1980-1981
[Volume] 1979
[Volume] 1978
[Volume] 1977
[Volume] 1974-1976
[Volume] 1986-1987

[Series] Correspondence concerning aid deliveries - Angola
[Volume] 1987-1989
[Volume] 1989-1990
[Volume] 1990-1991
[Volume] 1991-1993 (SEAS, OMA)

[Series] Correspondence concerning aid deliveries - Eritrea
[Volume] 1987-1989
[Volume] 1989-1993
[Volume] 1992-1993 (ERA)

[Series] Correspondence concerning aid deliveries - Mozambique
[Volume] 1987-1988
[Volume] 1988-1989
[Volume] 1988-1989
[Volume] 1989-1990
[Volume] 1990-1991
[Volume] 1990-1991
[Volume] 1991-1993

[Series] Correspondence concerning aid deliveries - Namibia
[Volume] 1987-1989
[Volume] 1989-1992 (SWAPO)

[Series] Correspondence concerning aid deliveries - South Africa
[Volume] 1987-1989 (ANC)
[Volume] 1989-1992 (ANC)

[Series] Correspondence concerning project activities - Namuno project
[Volume] 1984-1986
[Volume] 1986-1987
[Volume] 1987-1988
[Volume] 1988-1989
[Volume] 1988-1993
[Volume] 1990-1991
[Volume] 1991-1992

[Series] Correspondence concerning project activities - Health care to SWAPO
[Volume] 1985-1989

[Series] Correspondence concerning project activities - Dondo project

[Series] Correspondence concerning project activities - Repatriation

[Series] Correspondence concerning project activities - 1st June school in Angola

[Series] Correspondence concerning project activities - Sorting project in Maputo, Mozambique
[Volume] 1989-1991

[Series] Correspondence concerning project activities - AU project
[Volume] 1989-1993
[Volume] 1991
[Volume] 1991-1992

[Series] Correspondence concerning project activities - Benguela project, Angola
[Volume] 1991-1992

[Series] Correspondence concerning project activities - Industrial school in Pemba and the Post Office in Maputo
[Volume] 1991-1993
[Volume] 1992-1993

[Series] Correspondence concerning project activities - Tessenei school project
[Volume] 1991-1995 (Eritrea. Including a floppy disc.)
[Volume] 1993-1994 (Eritrea)

[Series] Correspondence concerning project activities - Support of clothes and material (Eritrea)

[Series] Correspondence concerning project activities - Women's education in Ghinda and the Kerkebet project
[Volume] 1994-1995

[Series] Correspondence concerning cooperation with Danish SYD
[Volume] 1987-1991

[Series] Correspondence concerning employment

[Series] Correspondence concerning camp activities
[Volume] 1981-1989

[Series] Other correspondence
[Volume] 1982-1993
[Volume] 1985-1989
[Volume] 1988-1989

[Series] Incoming documents
[Volume] 1973-1977
[Volume] 1984-1988 (Post cards)
[Volume] 1986-1995 (Eritrea)
[Volume] 1993-1994 (Application forms)

[Series] Files for personnel
[Volume] 1980-1995
[Volume] 1991-1994

[Series] Salaries and documents concerning salaries
[Volume] 1975-1981
[Volume] 1998
[Volume] 1997-2000 (Time report cards)
[Volume] 1995-1996
[Volume] 1995
[Volume] 1995
[Volume] 1994
[Volume] 1990-1995
[Volume] 1982-1984
[Volume] 1998-1999

[Series] Travel reports
[Volume] 1983-1997

[Series] Other subject related documents
[Volume] 1971-1983
[Volume] 1987-1988
[Volume] 1984-1993
[Volume] 1982-1992
[Volume] 1981-1983
[Volume] 1981
[Volume] 1980-1988
[Volume] 1979-1985
[Volume] 1976-1979
[Volume] 1976-1977
[Volume] 1975-1985
[Volume] 1974-1975
[Volume] 1991

[Series] Bookkeeping
[Volume] 1976
[Volume] 1983-1984
[Volume] 1984-1985
[Volume] 1984-1985
[Volume] 1985-1986
[Volume] 1985-1986
[Volume] 1986-1987
[Volume] 1986-1987
[Volume] 1987-1988
[Volume] 1987-1988
[Volume] 1988-1989
[Volume] 1988-1989
[Volume] 1989-1991
[Volume] 1991-1993
[Volume] 1993-1994
[Volume] 1995-1996
[Volume] 1983
[Volume] 1983
[Volume] 1976
[Volume] 1977
[Volume] 1977
[Volume] 1978
[Volume] 1979
[Volume] 1980
[Volume] 1980
[Volume] 1980
[Volume] 1981-1983
[Volume] 1981
[Volume] 1981
[Volume] 1982
[Volume] 1982
[Volume] 1982
[Volume] 1983
[Volume] 1998

[Series] Inventory and annual reports
[Volume] 1975-1989

[Series] Diaries
[Volume] 1973
[Volume] 1987-1988
[Volume] 1988
[Volume] 1988-1989
[Volume] 1989-1990
[Volume] 1990
[Volume] 1990-1991
[Volume] 1991
[Volume] 1991-1992
[Volume] 1987
[Volume] 1986-1987
[Volume] 1985-1986
[Volume] 1978-1979
[Volume] 1979-1980
[Volume] 1980-1982
[Volume] 1980-1983
[Volume] 1982
[Volume] 1983
[Volume] 1984
[Volume] 1984-1985
[Volume] 1992

[Series] Other accounts
[Volume] 1973-1975
[Volume] 1982-1985
[Volume] 1988-1991

[Series] Statistics on salary and employment
[Volume] 1986-1992

[Series] Pictures
[Volume] Skultuna slides
[Volume] F slides from Brandhovda
[Volume] E Building of Brandthovda
[Volume] B Historical pictures 80-84
[Volume] A : Historical pictures 70s
[Volume] "Vad snackar dom om nu då?"
[Volume] Escaping Namibia [På flykt från Namibia]
[Volume] School project Dondo Mozambique
[Volume] 1a Juniskolan Angola
[Volume] Nicaragua slides ?
[Volume] Mozambique slide show Namuno
[Volume] Namibia
[Volume] Nicaragua slides A B
[Volume] Nicaragua slides C D
[Volume] Mozambique slides S T
[Volume] Nicaragua slides M N
[Volume] Nicaragua slides L
[Volume] Nicaragua slides R
[Volume] Nicaragua slides P Q
[Volume] Nicaragua slides O
[Volume] Nicaragua slides N
[Volume] Nicaragua slides L M
[Volume] Nicaragua slides I K
[Volume] Nicaragua slides G H
[Volume] Nicaragua slides E F
[Volume] Mozambique Mats Brenner
[Volume] Mozambique 1991 Mats Brenner
[Volume] Lose pictures 82-85
[Volume] Lose Pictures Work camp 1982
[Volume] Lose pictures of the Malma fire 1982
[Volume] Lose Pictures 1974-82
[Volume] Photo album from 1982-83
[Volume] Photo album from 1982
[Volume] Photo album from 1981-82
[Volume] Photo album from 1977-80
[Volume] Photo album from 1977
[Volume] Photo album from 1976
[Volume] Photo album from 1975
[Volume] Lose pictures Amandla -83
[Volume] Negatives and contact sheets
[Volume] Mozambique 1988 Maria Wiggh kassett 3 o 4
[Volume] Mozambique 1988 Maria Wiggh
[Volume] Mazimbu ANC slides 1983
[Volume] Ndalantando slide magsines -83
[Volume] Kwanza Sul slide magsines -83
[Volume] Photo album 1984-94
[Volume] Photo exhibition Namibia 30x40
[Volume] Pictures in lose plastic folders Work camp 1982
[Volume] Mini exhibition 4 mounted pictures + text
[Volume] Lose pictures OMM receiving material
[Volume] Lose sheets pictures from recipients
[Volume] Photo album from 1973-74

[Series] Newspaper clips
[Volume] 1973-1975
[Volume] 1985-1990
[Volume] 1992

[Series] Information on countries and regions
[Volume] 1983-1987
[Volume] 1986-1987
[Volume] 1984-1989
[Volume] 1983-1986
[Volume] 1983-1989
[Volume] 1991-1996
[Volume] 1994-1997
[Volume] 1980-1992
[Volume] 1987-1989
[Volume] 1983-1991
[Volume] 1975-1985

[Series] Scanned pictures BF
[Volume] Container storage Brandthovda
[Volume] Group picture 1983
[Volume] Group picture winter 1975-76
[Volume] Gun as flee market cashier 74
[Volume] Hospital beds to SWAPO
[Volume] ISAC campaign 1980
[Volume] Johan in Malma flee market 78
[Volume] Lab in Kwanza Sul
[Volume] Lennart Bendix
[Volume] Lifting Mozambique container -84
[Volume] Loading of bales 74
[Volume] Loading of clothes for ZANU 77
[Volume] Makeshift sorting Aug 1982
[Volume] Malma after fire Aug 7
[Volume] Group picture 1980
[Volume] Group picture winter 1976-77
[Volume] Distribution of Clothes bags
[Volume] Erection of container house
[Volume] Exhibition about the fire 1982
[Volume] EYS work camp 74
[Volume] First bale after the fire 1982
[Volume] First Flee market 72
[Volume] First Lorry
[Volume] Flee market 1st floor Vkg 1975
[Volume] Flee market 2nd floor Vkg 1975
[Volume] Flee market at Brandthovda
[Volume] Flood Brandthovda 1986
[Volume] Gittan about Medical Aid SWAPO
[Volume] Group photo autumn 1977
[Volume] Malma Gård 75
[Volume] Malma in flames Aug 6 1982
[Volume] Printing of BoF T-shirt
[Volume] School material arrives Namuno
[Volume] School material for Namuno
[Volume] Selling clothes at V Kyrkogatan
[Volume] Site preparation for building -84
[Volume] Visit by Angolan ambassador
[Volume] Visit from IRE South Africa
[Volume] Visit from POLISARIO 1982
[Volume] Women in Angola using BoF fabric
[Volume] Work camp 82 street theatre
[Volume] World shop 1976
[Volume] World shop 74
[Volume] Zinhle Makatini ANC at 10 years
[Volume] Poa
[Volume] Packing for Mozambique
[Volume] Mark sorting clothes 1979
[Volume] Meeting Skultuna
[Volume] Money for ZANU
[Volume] Namibia 1990 Eva and BoF clothes
[Volume] Namibia 1990 Eva inspects shoes
[Volume] Namibia 1990 Ramnäs IF
[Volume] Namibia 1990 Västerås sweatshirt
[Volume] Namibia day 1978 in Stockholm
[Volume] New press at Brandthovda
[Volume] OMA exhibition at flee market -88
[Volume] OMM women gets sewing machines
[Volume] Open house demonstrates sorting
[Volume] Open house Kerstin marks prices
[Volume] Örebro project
[Volume] Container house for SWAPO 1980
[Volume] 10 years jubilee guests
[Volume] Box from Bread and Fishes in kitchen
[Volume] The clothes storage
[Volume] Child in Västerås T-shirt
[Volume] Eva in Basetsanas room
[Volume] Lorry collecting
[Volume] Loading clothes bales for SWAPO
[Volume] Old clothes press
[Volume] Malma the house
[Volume] Offloading the lorry
[Volume] Mona pressing a bale Malma
[Volume] South Africa boycott
[Volume] Angolan Ambassador
[Volume] Signs V Kyrkogatan winter
[Volume] Children with Swedish drawings
[Volume] Swedish T-shirt at child centre
[Volume] 10 years jubilee UAG song group
[Volume] 10 years work continues
[Volume] Container house as maternity ward
[Volume] Dr Susa with patient
[Volume] Patient on Swedish bed in container house
[Volume] Storage of medical supplies
[Volume] Women with Västerås T-shirt
[Volume] Kitchen at Main Clinic
[Volume] Eva and the textile teacher
[Volume] Nurse with Magdalena at Lower Kwanza
[Volume] The lab at Main Clinic
[Volume] Gerd patient and nurses
[Volume] New School building
[Volume] BoF group for Taizé
[Volume] Outside Vl Kyrkogatan flee market
[Volume] Bertil in clothes storage 1979
[Volume] Bertil in the office
[Volume] Bishop Mannas Buthelezi U-week 74
[Volume] Boxes for ZANU 77
[Volume] Claude Chokwenda ZANU 1975
[Volume] Claude Chokwenda ZANU Rep
[Volume] Clothes arrive to ADRA Angola -93
[Volume] Clothes for SWAPO 1975
[Volume] Clothes hoisted Vkg
[Volume] Clothes press 1980
[Volume] Clothes press 77
[Volume] Collected 77
[Volume] Collecting furniture 1981
[Volume] Bertil and Eva on clothes sacks
[Volume] Berry and Jolo
[Volume] World shop
[Volume] Ambulance from Västerås
[Volume] ANC Amandla demonstrated press
[Volume] ANC Amandla got clothes
[Volume] ANC Culture group Amandla visits
[Volume] Street theatre
[Volume] 10 year anniversary
[Volume] Collecting furniture
[Volume] Snow on clothes bales in harbour
[Volume] Street theatre
[Volume] Street theatre Swedish companies
[Volume] Eva in Skultuna office
[Volume] Bales thrown down
[Volume] Collection 77


The archive of Bread and Fishes is available at Arkiv Västmanland.


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SE-721 35 Västerås
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