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Anders Johansson's Private Records


Anders Johansson, born on 23 November 1942, was active in the "Södra Vätterbygden South Africa Committee" and in the "Swedish South Africa Committee" at the beginning of the 1960s. He was a journalist at Jönköpings-Posten, a local paper, at that time and later at Dagens Nyheter, the largest national morning paper, where he was Africa correspondent.

Johansson visited, as the first western journalist, liberated areas in Mozambique in 1968, to report from Frelimo's second congress.

His private records cover correspondence with the Swedish South Africa Committee and other Swedish organizations involved in the anti-apartheid campaigns, reports from his visit to Mozambique 1968 and also articles concerning the debate around the Cabora Bassa Dam and the Swedish business involvement 1968-69. There are some photos as well from Rhodesia and Mozambique. Johansson still has an extensive correspondence with i.a. liberation fronts in Southern Africa, in his home.


[Series] Correspondence 1961 - 1966

[Series] Press cuttings

[Series] Press cuttings 1968 - 1969

[Series] Photos
[Volume] Prison camps in Rhodesia 1964-1965
[Volume] Frelimo propaganda pictures 1970
[Volume] Undated Zimbabwe 1980
[Volume] Frelimo's 2nd congress 1968


The information has been provided by Anders Johansson via Ingvar Flink. The archive is available at ARAB.


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