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The Africa Groups of Sweden (AGS) had from the mid-1980s, apart from its anti-apartheid campaigning and lobbying in Sweden, handled part of the Swedish governmental aid to different legal organizations and institutions in South Africa and Namibia in one way or another active against apartheid. The financial aid was secret as the Swedish government did not want it to be official during the ongoing sanctions against South Africa.

When apartheid eventually collapsed and Namibia became independent the main task for AGS, as a continuation of this aid, became to take part in the support of the reconstruction of South Africa and Namibia. As a consequence the activities of the Africa Groups Recruitment Organization (ARO) and AGS became very similar. Therefore the organizations merged in 1992 under the name the Africa Groups of Sweden (Afrikagrupperna).

The work of AGS has been dominated by the support for projects in Southern Africa and sending out of volunteers. The campaign and lobby activities in Sweden have mainly been connected with the work in Africa. More recently the activities in Sweden have been aimed at global issues like fair trade to influence the Swedish government and authorities to become more active on the international scene on these issues.

The periodical Africa Bulletin was renamed to “Southern Africa” in 1994 and a yearbook on the developments in Southern Africa started to be issued in 1993.

The new organization has not only individual membership as earlier but also membership for organizations active in one way or another with African issues and support for Africa.

The board, elected at the annual general meeting, has a number of subcommittees and working groups serving it in different ways. The Mobilization subcommittee (MOB) handles mainly the lobby and opinion work in Sweden whereas the Project committee (PAU) and Volunteer committee (KAU) handle issues concerned with projects and volunteers in Southern Africa. These two subcommittees were merged in 1993 and thereafter called the Programme committee (PU). The working groups have been the IT group, the Forestry group and a special group in charge of the support for South Africa, before 1993 called the Coordination subcommittee (SAMUT) and thereafter the South Africa project group (SPG).

AGS continued the ARO seminars and courses arranged to prepare volunteers for their work in Southern Africa, Seminar on Solidarity Work (SOS), language courses and Take-off seminars. After coming home a seminar on opinion building and lobbying is arranged.

In each partner country in Africa AG has a coordinator leading and coordinating the activities. These coordinators meet annually in Stockholm at a so-called Coordinators Meeting, when all the coordinators, Stockholm staff and board members meet. All the volunteers in each partner country meet twice every year for so-called Land group meetings together with representatives of the Stockholm staff and the board.

Some archival series, especially those concerning projects, may have a starting year before 1992. This is due to the fact that for some project activities, even if they started before this year, the main activities were performed afterwards. There are accordingly some overlaps between the archives of AGS and ARO.

The volumes contain extensive correspondence, primarily with solidarity workers but also authorities in various aid countries. There is also material from seminars on solidarity work and minutes and accounts of the organizations' operations as well as material from various projects and campaigns along with courses and seminars.


[Series] Minutes and documents: Annual General Meetings
[Volume] Annual General Meetings 1992 - 1993
[Volume] Annual General Meetings 1994 - 1995

[Series] Minutes with attachments: Board meetings
[Volume] Board meetings 1992 - 1993
[Volume] Board meetings 1993 - 1994

[Series] Minutes with attachments: Subcommittee meetings
[Volume] KAU 1992 - 1995
[Volume] MOB 1992 - 1993
[Volume] MOB 1993 - 1994
[Volume] MOB & PAU
[Volume] PAU 1993 - 1994
[Volume] PAU 1994 - 1995

[Series] Minutes with attachments: Working group meetings
[Volume] SAMUT, SPG etc.

[Series] Minutes with attachments: Country group meetings
[Volume] Country group meetings 1992 - 1996
[Volume] Mozambique Country Group meetings 1992 - 1994

[Series] Circulars and other outgoing documents
[Volume] Circulars, registers, brochures and booklets

[Series] Correspondence: Country co-ordinators
[Volume] Country co-ordinators Mozambique 1993
[Volume] Country co-ordinators Mozambique 1993 - 1995
[Volume] Country co-ordinators Mozambique 1994
[Volume] Country co-ordinators Mozambique 1994 - 1996
[Volume] Country co-ordinators South Africa 1994 - 1996

[Series] Correspondence: Volunteers
[Volume] Correspondence: Volunteers 1988 - 1997
[Volume] Correspondence: Volunteers 1988 - 1993
[Volume] Individual reports 1989 - 1995
[Volume] Individual reports 1990 - 1993
[Volume] Correspondence: Volunteers, Namibia 1991 - 1995

[Series] Correspondence: Foreign organizations and institutions
[Volume] The liberation movements 1992 - 1998
[Volume] Correspondence 1994 - 1996

[Series] Correspondence: Swedish authorities
[Volume] Correspondence: Swedish authorities 1992 - 1997

[Series] Correspondence: Swedish organizations and institutions
[Volume] Correspondence 1992 - 1995
[Volume] Correspondence 1995 - 1998

[Series] Correspondence: Sundry
[Volume] Correspondence: Sundry 1992 - 1996

[Series] Subject related records: Campaigns
[Volume] Campaigns 1992 - 1996

[Series] Subject related records: Conferences, courses, seminars
[Volume] National and international conferences 1992 - 1994
[Volume] Seminars 1992 - 1995
[Volume] National and international conferences and seminars 1994 - 1996
[Volume] Take off seminars 7-8
[Volume] Take off seminars 9-10
[Volume] Take off seminars 11-12
[Volume] Take off seminars 13-14
[Volume] Land coordinators meetings 1991 - 1992

[Series] Subject related records: Trips and visits
[Volume] Trips and visits 1992 - 1994
[Volume] Trips and visits 1994
[Volume] Trips and visits 1994 - 1996

[Series] Subject related records: Surveys, evaluations, research
[Volume] Surveys & activities 1992 - 1994
[Volume] Surveys, evaluations, research 1992 - 1996
[Volume] Surveys, evaluations, research 1993 - 1997
[Volume] Surveys & evaluations 1994 - 1996
[Volume] Evaluations & training 1994 - 1997

[Series] Subject related records: Staff and office
[Volume] Staff and office 1991 - 1995

[Series] Subject related records: Projects in Mozambique
[Volume] Health care emergency 4, 1992 - 1994
[Volume] Development of competence 1993 - 1998
[Volume] Projects in Mozambique 1993 - 1998
[Volume] Projects in Mozambique 1992 - 1995
[Volume] School support in Cabo Delgado 1993 - 1995
[Volume] School support in Cabo Delgado 1991 - 1994
[Volume] School support in Cabo Delgado 1991 - 1994
[Volume] School support in Cabo Delgado 1991 - 1995
[Volume] School support in Cabo Delgado 1992 - 1994
[Volume] Projects in Mozambique 1992 - 1996
[Volume] ANEMO, organizational development 1992 - 2002
[Volume] Projects in Mozambique 1992 - 1996
[Volume] Health care 1993 - 1997
[Volume] Health care in Sofala, 1991 - 1997
[Volume] Elections 1994

[Series] Subject related records: Projects in South Africa
[Volume] Projects in South Africa 1992 - 1993
[Volume] Country organisations 1995 - 1996
[Volume] Projects in South Africa 1995 - 1996
[Volume] Media 1994 - 1995
[Volume] Projects in South Africa 1994 - 1995
[Volume] Health care 1994 - 1995
[Volume] Projects in South Africa 1994 - 1995
[Volume] Country organisations 1993 - 1994
[Volume] Health care and education 1993 - 1994
[Volume] Media 1993 - 1994
[Volume] Country organisations 1992 - 1993
[Volume] Media 1992 - 1993
[Volume] Media 1995 - 1996

[Series] Subject related records: Projects in Namibia
[Volume] Alternative schools 1991 - 1995
[Volume] Alternative schools (photos) 1991 - 1996
[Volume] Alternative schools 1992 - 1995
[Volume] Alternative schools 1990 - 1993

[Series] Subject related records: Projects in other countries
[Volume] Cape Verde 1992 - 1994, Cidade Velha.

[Series] Subject related records: Projects in Zimbabwe
[Volume] Zimbabwe 1991 - 2001

[Series] Subject related records: Administrative contacts between the Stockholm office and country offices
[Volume] Zimbabwe 1992 - 1999
[Volume] Namibia 1992 - 1993


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