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Type of organization: Humanitarian organization, emergency relief and development aid.

Norwegian People's Aid [Norsk Folkehjelp] was formed in 1939 as a voluntary organization for the union movement, working with national health and first aid work. It also collected money for emergency relief in Europe, and participated in the rebuilding of Europe after the Second World War.

Norwegian People's Aid has always had its base and most important work in Norway, but is today among the 5 largest aid organizations in Norway.

From the 1970s, NPA increased its involvement in international development and emergency relief. During the 1970s it also channeled money to the liberation struggle in Southern Africa. Having its roots in the union movement in Norway, NPA has actively supported liberation movements both in Southern Africa and elsewhere and not been afraid of cooperating with political movements. NPA became the main channel for Norwegian assistance to ANC, amounting to some NOK 30-40 million a year, according to Vetlsen.

NPA has contributed among other things with First Aid courses for ANC and other liberation movements.

Secondary reading: Norwegian People's Aid produced a history book in Norwegian for their 50th anniversary in 1989: "Norsk Folkehjelp 1939-1989, 50 år i krig og fred". A part of the book is dedicated to its international work. See also Vesla Vetlesen: "Trade Union Support to the Struggle against Apartheid: The Role of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions" in Eriksen (2000) "Norway and National Liberation in Southern Africa".


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Archive catalogue: NPA's archive has been organised and catalogued by "Arbeiderbevegelsens arkiv og bibliotek", AAB. Research permits to the archive are given by AAB.


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