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Norwegian Operation Days Work, OD


"Operation Day's Work" [Operasjon Dagsverk, OD] is a yearly student solidarity campaign, collecting money through one day of paid work by students, and the money has repeatedly been awarded to projects from NOCOSA and SAIH.

For posters and campaign material regarding Southern Africa, it might be interesting to contact Operation Day’s Work. They keep a set of material from each year’s campaign at the office. They also have complete archives, but you need to contact them well in advance because they are stored outside Oslo and not normally open for research.

This is an outline of written material on Apartheid at OD.


[Series] Nigerians in exile in their fight against apartheid

[Series] History, projects and the situation in South Africa

[Series] Human rights in South Africa

[Series] History, projects and the situation in South Africa

[Series] Violence against girls in South Africa

[Series] The struggle against HIV/AIDS in South Africa

[Series] Projects, accounts

[Series] Project descriptions

[Series] Projects, accounts

[Series] Projects, Seminars, Reports, Accounts


Series 1-6 are located at Møllergata 28. Series 7-10 are located at Fjernarkiv in Sandvika.


Operation Day’s Work
[Operasjon Dagsverk]
Akersbakken 12, 0172 Oslo
Telephone: +47 22 99 37 10 
Fax: 22 99 37 01
E-mail: External link.

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