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The Finnish-Namibian Society is an NGO with more than 500 members. Since its foundation, in 1974, it has had as its mission to spread information on Namibia, the history of the country, its social, economic and cultural life. The Finnish-Namibian Society also set a goal to give its support to action that gives "truthful information on the struggle of the Namibian people for social liberation". (Extract from the articles of association.)

The work done for the independence of Namibia brought together people from opposed political parties, interest groups and organizations. Political activism of the pre-independence years led to various post-independence relations between organizations and individuals involved in the struggle against apartheid. Medical aid to the refugee camp of Kwanza Sul was one of the development projects that the Finnish-Namibian Society took part in. Since the 1990’s, other projects have followed. Today the association co-operates e.g. with the Namibian embassy in Sweden and the Finnish embassy in Namibia. It has also connections with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN) and the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM).

The Finnish-Namibian Society publishes 3-4 membership bulletins yearly. In addition to this, material on campaigns, projects and cultural events is produced. The society also promotes Finnish research on Namibia. March 21, Namibian Independence Day, is celebrated with invitees from Finland and Namibia.

Contents summary of the archives: Minutes of annual meetings (starting from 1975), minutes of the board (starting from 1976), correspondence of chairmen and other members of the board, lists of participants of meetings, reports, declarations, pamphlets, information bulletins, posters, photographs, documents relating to the economy of the association and others.

Note: Documents, such as minutes of the board, from years 1981-1983 could not be located during this archive project. The missing material will soon be available as copies.


[Series] Photo archives of Finnish-Namibian Society

[Series] Minutes of the board and other documents
[Volume] Folder 1976-80
[Volume] Folder 1984-1985
[Volume] Folder 1986
[Volume] Folder 1987-1988
[Volume] Folder 1989-1990
[Volume] Namibia Communications Centre (1989)

[Series] Campaign material and photographs
[Volume] Namibia Day (Namibia-päivä) (1985)
[Volume] Campaign material 1989
[Volume] Campaingn material and posters
[Volume] Photographs

[Series] Miscellaneous
[Volume] Economy (1990-1992)
[Volume] Press clippings
[Volume] Unsorted


The association shares an office with other friendship associations. The office has no regular opening hours. For detailed access information, contact the chairman of the board, Mr. Seppo Kalliokoski. For more detailed contact information, go to External link.


The Finnish-Namibian Society
[Suomi-Namibia-Seura RY]
Att: Mr. Seppo Kalliokoski
Rauhanasema, Veturitori
FI-00520 Helsinki
Telephone/Fax: +358 9 851 1905
E-mail: External link.

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