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Central Organization of the Finnish Trade Unions (SAK)


SAK started its own solidarity work in the 1970's. It concentrated in trade union education. The international solidarity work was part of the SAK Peace Committee's activities. First contacts with SWAPO were made in 1976. In 1979 there was a first real effort to execute a course with SWAPO in Kwanza sul. The co-operation continued, and the peak of the cooperation was the building and maintaining of Nduuvu Nangolo Trade Unions School in Kwanza Sul. SAK also helped Namibians to establish a newsletter of the workers: 'The Namibian'. It was first printed in Luanda, with the help of ANC.
SASK (Trade Union Solidarity Center of Finland) was established 1986. It continued the solidarity work started by the Central Organistion of Finnish Trade Unions, SAK. While the years passed SASK took a more and more independent role in its own field. Nowadays it has member organisations from other Central Organisations - than SAK - as well for example the Unions of Health and Social Care Services (Tehy). SASK works in Southern Africa in active cooperation with the Unions in Namibia and South Africa. The organisations they have had or still have cooperation with are COSATU, SACTU, NACTU, NUMSA, NUNW, NAFTU, LaRRI and others.


[Series] SAK International Unit - Peace Committee (Minutes)
[Volume] Cb 2
[Volume] Cb 10
[Volume] Cb 9
[Volume] Cb 8
[Volume] Cb 7
[Volume] Cb 6
[Volume] Cb 6
[Volume] Cb 5
[Volume] Cb 4
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[Volume] Cb 11

[Series] SAK International Unit - Correspondence
[Volume] Fb 101 Countries K-R
[Volume] Fb 211 Countries J-P
[Volume] Fb 197 Countries L-Ö
[Volume] Fb 185 Countries I-P
[Volume] Fb 170 Countries. Namibia
[Volume] Fb 169 Countries J-R
[Volume] Fb 144 Countries H-O
[Volume] Fb 132 Countries F-Q
[Volume] Fb 116 Countries A-R
[Volume] Fb 224 Countries J-Q

[Series] Photo archives of SAK (Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions)
[Volume] Kwanza Sul 1983


The archives of SAK's work can be found at SAK Archives, also called the Union Archives (Hakaniemenranta 1, 3rd fl.).

Country: Finland
Period: 1977-1988