The Nordic Africa Institute

A Guide to Africa on the Internet

Free, research-oriented online resources selected by the NAI library.

A link collection started in the 1990's.

Selected and regularly updated

The resources are directed towards research. Many of them act as guides to the respective subject areas. Some resources have a broader focus.

Only freely available resources are added. They are selected and evaluated according to: who? (author/originator), what? (type of information), when? (currency), and why? (purpose).

Updates are done regularly. New links are added and inactive ones removed.


The descriptive information in the Guide is mainly in English. The linked resources however come in a variety of languages: English, French, Portuguese, Nordic languages, Arabic and a number of African languages.

Browse or search

Resources are arranged by subjects, region/countries, information sources in Swedish, and links to other guides and directories. You can browse or search.

  • Sorted by region/country: Resources with both basic and specialized information about a region or country, newspapers, bank reports, statistics and government publications.
  • Sorted by subjects: Links to resources within a selected list of subjects, but also to research institutes, organizations etc. focused on Africa.
  • Sources in Swedish: Information resources on Africa primarily in Swedish, especially for Swedish-speaking school children.
  • Other guides and directories. Links to other Africa-focused link collections — from libraries, organizations etc.

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Resources are selected on the basis of NAI’s library collections as a whole, and with regard to research carried out on contemporary Africa. We may also include online resources of more general interest.

Apart from content from public authorities and established organizations, we may include resources contributing to debates – sometimes reflecting subjective views. We exclude openly offensive web pages and aspire to include accurate content.

Internet is dynamic and changing. Resources once deemed relevant for inclusion in this link collection may change and become irrelevant before we have had the chance to exclude them.

Use your good judgement. Follow general guidelines and best practices when evaluating sources.