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Past and current projects – the library's own as well as external ones with our participation.


  • Switching from barcode to RFID labels for all physical items. (November 2023 onwards.)


African Street Literatures and the Future of Literary Form

This project, based at the Department of English at Uppsala University, covers emerging literary forms such as digital and spoken word poetry, blog fiction, street theatre and graphic novels, but also alternative ways of publishing novels and short stories. Texts collected within the project will be housed and made searchable through us at the NAI Library.

More about the project:

During 2017–2019, we were able to set up a project to enhance the searchability of the country section of our pamhplet collection. Content lists of each box, containing some 10 to 100 items, were produced and uploaded as files making approximately 20.000 items (as of August 2019) searchable.

Written by NAI librarians.

Practical guidance on handbooks, databases, statistics and other support for literature and fact searches.

Target groups: university students and researchers, teachers and pupils at upper secondary schools and folk high schools, librarians, journalists and aid workers.

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Has previously been published in both English and Swedish versions.

Only the English version has been revised for the third edition.

Earlier editions include articles that are not in later editions.