Policy Notes

NAI Policy Notes is a series of short briefs on policy issues relevant to Africa today. Aimed at professionals working within aid agencies, ministries of foreign affairs, NGOs and the media, these reports aim to inform public debate and to generate input into the sphere of policymaking.

The writers are researchers and scholars engaged in African issues and are drawn from several disciplines. Most have an institutional connection to the Nordic Africa Institute or its research networks. The reports are internally endorsed and externally reviewed.

To ensure the accuracy and relevance of the reports, the Nordic Africa Institute welcomes input and suggestions from readers, particularly policy-makers. Each Policy Note has a unique ISBN to facilitate citation. The series is available for free download in the DiVA archive – follow the links to the download page.

Agbo, Mathias Jr ; Makuwira, Jonathan Cruelty by design: how African cities discriminate against people with disabilities 2019
Adegun, Olumuyiwa Community engagement key for upgrading informal settlements 2019
Abraham, Fofana ; Persson, Henrik ; Themnér, Anders Yesterday warlord, today presidential candidate: ex-military leaders running for office in post-civil war societies 2019
Beyene, Atakilte Land consolidation, canals and apps: reshaping agriculture in Ethiopia 2019
Lawson, David ; Dubin, Adam ; Mwambene, Lea Ensuring African Women’s Access to Justice: Engendering Rights for Poverty Reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa 2019
Højlund Madsen, Diana Women’s Political Representation and Affirmative Action in Ghana 2019
Adetula, Victor ; Murithi, Tim ; Buchanan-Clarke, Stephen Peace negotiations and agreements in Africa: why they fail and how to improve them 2018
Bjarnesen, Jesper ; Söderberg Kovacs, Mimmi Violence in African elections 2018
Adu, George ; Dramani, John Bosco Africa’s mineral economies: breaking their dependence on mining 2018
Adetula, Victor The future of EU-Africa cooperation beyond the Cotonou agreement 2018
Aeby, Michael Peace and security challenges in Southern Africa: governance deficits and lacklustre regional conflict management 2018
Bøås, Morten Rival priorities in the Sahel: finding the balance between security and development 2018
Eriksson, Mikael Security without sabre-rattling: counteracting increased militarisation in Africa 2018
Navarra, Cecilia ; Udelsmann Rodrigues, Cristina Debt, aid and poverty in Mozambique: lessons learned from the Mozambican debt crisis 2018
Mohamed Nour, Samia Satti Africa bridging the digital divides 2017
Angerbrandt, Henrik Nigeria and the Lake Chad Region beyond Boko Haram 2017
Eriksson, Mikael Who put the 'Post' in the Post-Arab Spring?: Towards a Fresh Narrative for North Africa 2017
Beyene, Atakilte ; Adetula, Victor Ethiopia in the United Nations Security Council 2017-2018 2017
Adetula, Victor Growing mistrust – a threat to democracy in Ghana: opportunities and challenges in the upcoming general elections 2016
Adetula, Victor Sweden's bid for a UN Security Council seat and what Africa stands to gain 2016
Söderbaum, Fredrik ; Skansholm, Hanna ; Brolin, Therese From top-down to flexible cooperation: rethinking regional support to Africa 2016
Bereketeab, Redie Eritrea’s refugee crisis and the role of the international community 2016
Hellsten, Sirkku Radicalisation and terrorist recruitment among Kenya’s youth 2016
Bjarnesen, Jesper ; Lanzano, Cristiano Burkina Faso's one-week coup and its implications for free and fair elections 2015
Bjarnesen, Jesper Rethinking the Mediterranean crisis: advice for policy makers facing a humanitarian catastrophe 2015
Bereketeab, Redie Democracy or one-party system: political development in the Sudan after the 2015 election 2015
Eriksson Skoog, Gun Reformed cocoa market benefits Liberian farmers: but watch out for new forms of market power and elite capture 2015
Isaksson, Ann-Sofie Neighbours and family first: donors should consider the effects of political favouritism in Africa 2015
Crentsil, Perpetual Ebola: accurate information prevents rumours and panic: educating leaders is one measure - along with distributing soap 2015
Bereketeab, Redie Why South Sudan conflict is proving intractable: Ugandan forces and lack of international commitment two reasons 2015
Arvidsson, Tommy Food security now or wait for research to assess risks?: genetically modified crops and smallholder farmers in Africa 2015
Angerbrandt, Henrik A fair electoral process can ease divisions in Nigeria: decentralised politics brought on a new set of challenges in the north 2015
Gaasholt, Ole Martin Who needs to reconcile with whom?: the conflict’s complexity in northern Mali calls for tailored solutions 2015
Utas, Mats ; Themnér, Anders ; Lindberg, Emy Commanders for good and bad: alternative post-war reconstruction and ex-commanders in Liberia 2014
Oestigaard, Terje Thirsty, hungry and no power?: African resources in a global world 2014
Beyene, Atakilte Small farms under stress play a huge role for Africa: smallholder agriculture and emerging global challenges 2014
Benton, Adia Ebola exhausts health systems: more resources are needed 2014
Menkhaus, Ken If Mayors Ruled Somalia: Beyond the State-building Impasse 2014
Makachia, Peter Participative Design for Urban Housing 2014
Beyene, Atakilte Costly not to consider local resistance: Advice on agricultural investments in Africa 2013
Nzeadibe, Thaddeus Chidi ; Adama-Ajonye, Onyanta Improved recycling performance: Policy options for Nigerian cities 2013
Bereketeab, Redie Post-Secession State-Building and Reconstruction: Somaliland, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan 2013
Bereketeab, Redie Self-determination and secession: A 21st Century Challenge to the Post-colonial State in Africa 2012
Adolfo, Eldridge Vigil (et al.) Electoral Violence in Africa 2012
Utas, Mats Urban youth and post-conflict Africa: On policy priorities 2012
Adolfo, Eldridge Vigil Angola's Sustainable Growth and Regional Role beyond the Elections 2012
Adama, Onyanta Privatising services as if people matter: Solid waste management in Abuja, Nigeria 2012
Oestigaard, Terje Water and climate change in Africa – from causes to consequences 2011
Abdi, Cawo, M. A gendered perspective on the impact of conflict in the Horn of Africa 2011
Salih, M.A. Mohamed Transnational Islamist (Jihadist) Movements and Inter-State Conflicts in the Horn of Africa 2011
Åkesson, Lisa Migrant remittances, social inequality and restrictive immigration regimes 2011
Cheru, Fantu Creating a Conducive International Environment for Africa’s Development: China’s role in Global Governance Reform! 2010
Arkhangelskaya, Alexandra A. India, Brazil and South Africa Dialogue Forum: A Bridge between Three Continents: Challenges, achievements and policy options 2010
Hårsmar, Mats Why is agriculture so important to reducing poverty? 2010
Eriksson Baaz, Maria ; Stern, Maria Comprendre et aborder les violences sexuelles liées aux conflits: Enseignements tirés de la République Démocratique du Congo 2010
Lindell, Ilda ; Hedman, Maria ; Nathan-Verboomen, Kyle The World Cup 2010 and the urban poor: ‘World class cities’ for all? 2010
Hårsmar, Mats More Tax, Better Governments 2010
Eriksson Baaz, Maria ; Stern, Maria Understanding and addressing conflict-related sexual violence: Lessons learned from the Democratic Republic of Congo 2010
Ahonsi, Babatunde A. Towards More Informed Responses to Gender Violence and HIV/AIDS in Post-Conflict West African Settings 2010
Schoeman, Maxi South African female peacekeepers on mission in Africa: Progress, challenges and policy options for increased participation 2010
Rios-Herran, Roberto Effects of Rules of Origin on the European Union - Africa Economic Partnership Agreements: summary of issues 2007
Rudén, Fanny ; Utas, Mats Sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeeping operations in contemporary Africa 2009
Mohamoud, Awil Participation of the Diaspora in the Joint Africa-EU Strategic Partnership 2009
Khumalo, Nkululeko ; Mulleta, Fantu EPAs and the post-Lisbon Implementation Status 2009
Alden, Chris ; Sidiropoulos, Elizabeth Africa-China-EU Cooperation in Africa: Prospects and Pitfalls 2009
Goodison, Paul Impact de la réforme de la Politique agricole commune (PAC) sur le commerce des produits agricoles et alimentaires entre l’Afrique et l’UE 2009
Thorsen, Dorte Les migrations de travail: une question qui concerne aussi les enfants et les jeunes 2009
Kuwali, Daniel The African Union and the challenges of implementing the “responsibility to protect” 2009
Thorsen, Dorte Labour migration: a child and youth issue 2008
Watson, James ; Streatfeild, Jeremy The Starbucks/Ethiopian coffee saga: geographical indications as a linchpin for development in developing countries 2008
Coulter, Chris ; Persson, Mariam ; Utas, Mats Young women in African wars 2007
Stocchetti, Marikki The development dimension or disillusion: The EU's development policy goals and the Economic Partnership Agreements 2007
Goodison, Paul The impact of common agricultural policy (CAP) reform on Africa-EU trade in food and agricultural products 2009
Goodison, Paul Situating the EPA negotiations: Issues and unresolved debates in Africa-EU trade relations 2009
Ukiwo, Ukoha Les causes et les remèdes des conflits pétroliers du Delta du Niger 2009
Ukiwo, Ukoha Causes and cures of oil-related Niger Delta conflicts 2009
Engdahl, Mattias Migrant remittances: an overview of global and Swedish flows 2009
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