The Nordic Africa Institute


Young women in African Wars

Started • 01 January 2007
Ended • 01 January 2012

Coordinator: Mats Utas
Project established in 2007, finalized in 2012

Women are both victims and perpetrators in African wars. This policy project has aimed at unraveling some of the complexities of young female livelihoods and survival during the difficult times of civil wars. The participants in this project have specific research experience studying young women in African wars leading to conclusions going well beyond the ordinary. Drawing on research the intention with the project is to provide policy makers and aid practitioners with state-of-the-art overviews of the situation for young women in African war and post-war situations as well as giving recommendations in order to enhance efficient aid to young women in these fragile situations.

Four publications have been published by the Nordic Africa Institute: A shorter overview of young women (2007) and a longer one with focus on young female fighters (2008), both authored by Chris Coulter, Mariam Persson and Mats Utas; A policy note on sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeeping missions (2009) by Fanny Rúden and Mats Utas; and finally a longer study on survivors of sexual abuse and local means of trauma healing (2009) by Mats Utas.