The Nordic Africa Institute


Gendered Institutions and Women’s Political Representation

Started • 01 June 2018
Ended • 01 March 2023

The project focus on women’s political representation in Ghana characterised by a low level of women’s political representation (13 percent) despite of it being one of the first countries in Africa to introduce a quota.

The focus is on which strategies female parliamentarians use get into politics and to push their agenda once they gained power. In addition, focus is on the male parliamentarians and the male networks in politics and their working for / against promoting more women into politics and supporting their agenda.

Taking its point departure in that institutions are gendered rules, norms and processes, the project is inspired by ‘feminist institutionalism’. However, as institutions are gendered they can also be re-gendered. As such focus will be on informal as well formal institutions influencing women’s political representation in a Ghanaian context and different forms of institutional change.

As a part of the project a workshop took place in December 2018 with African and Nordic researchers and practitioners with a focus on gendered institutions and women’s political in different parts of the African continent.

As an output of the workshop a book is planned in the ‘Africa Now’ series with different African country case studies which is a cooperation between Nordic Africa Institute and Zed Books.