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Field of dreams: the politics and power of the Africa Cup of Nations

A podcast episode on migration from and within Africa
Date • 26 Jan 2024

The Africa Cup of Nations, AFCON, kicked off in January and will go on until 11 February when the final will be played in Abidjan, the capital of the host country Cote d’Ivoire. With football fever rising on the continent, the theme for this year’s first episode of the Nordic Africa podcast naturally centers around football. Join us as we explore the political and economic dimensions of the beautiful game.

Our panel of experts for this episode:

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The Nordic Africa Podcast is a series of discussions where we talk to political scientists, anthropologists, economists and other researchers about current issues and trends in Africa. We analyse the choices of African leaders, we challenge dominant narratives about the continent, and occasionally, we look into the crystal ball to see where Africa is headed. Hosts Heba Habib and Henrik Alfredsson and guesting experts guide us toward a deepened understanding of Africa’s role on the global scene.

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