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African migration: “There’s a vast array of reasons why people move”

A podcast episode on migration from and within Africa
Date • 9 Jun 2023

Over the past two decades, migration within and out of Africa has witnessed a notable rise. A majority of African born migrants relocate within the continent itself. Statistics show that approximately 11 million African-born migrants reside in Europe, nearly 5 million in the Middle East, and over 3 million in North America.

While Europe invests significantly in border control and surveillance, it also experiences an upswing in anti-immigrant sentiments. Nonetheless, it's crucial to delve beyond the noise. Join us as we debate brain drain versus brain gain, explore the drivers behind migration and debunk un-factual perceptions.

Our panel of experts for this episode:

  • Jesper Bjarnesen, senior researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute
  • Papa Sow, senior researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute
  • Joyce De-Graft Acquah, research fellow at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana and guest researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute

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