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Violence in African elections

Date • 1 Feb 2019

The book Violence in African Elections offers a comprehensive examination of the causes of Africa’s violent electoral clashes, and the consequences for African democratization and peace-keeping.

After an embargo period of nine months, we are proud and happy to announce that this book is now available in full text for open access online. Get your digital copy, for free, without any registration, in our digital repository Diva External link, opens in new window..

"The insights provided by this important book have much to tell us about when and where electoral violence occurs, and deserve a large audience" - Nic Cheeseman, author of Democracy in Africa

About the editors

Jesper Bjarnesen is a senior researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute. His main research area is qualitative migration studies, and the dynamics of mobility in relation to armed conflict.

Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs is head of research at the Folke Bernadotte Academy. Her research focus is on non-state actors in civil wars, rebel-to-party transformations, and post-war democratisation.