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Regional Studies in the Nordic Countries

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Time • 4 Apr 2022 10:00 - 11:00
Place • Zoom webinar

Join us for a webinar on regional studies in the Nordic countries co-hosted with the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies - NIAS External link, opens in new window.. The webinar is primarily targeted to librarians, but it is also relevant for Nordic researchers with a focus on Africa or Asia.

Nordic Africa Institute and Nordic Institute on Asian Studies work with strengthening the study of Africa and Asia in the Nordic countries. Both institutes function since 1960s as hubs where students and researchers find expertise, scholarships, networks and library resources for respectively area. The primary target groups, students and researchers are affiliated with Nordic universities/higher educational institutions. The libraries work in various ways to connect to target groups to inform about their respectively services.

Take the opportunity to learn more of how NAI and NIAS can support your users with a focus on Africa and Asia.

Watch the recorded webinar here:

The webinar is part of the #NAI60 celebrations 2022.

One of the first NAI Africa event for librarians was held 1978 in connection to Nordiska vetenskapliga bibliotekarieförbund’s conference on Forskningsbibliotek och utlands-dokumentation.


  • Why does regional studies matter?
    Professor Eleanor Fischer, Head of research, Nordic Africa Institute

Regional studies – from a teacher's´ perspective

  • African studies
    Professor Amanda Hammar, Center for African Studies, University of Copenhagen
  • Asian Studies
    Ass. Professor Marie Højlund Roesgaard, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen

Distance library services /to the Nordic countries

  • Nordic Africa Institute Library
  • Nordic Institute of Asian Studies library

Closing remarks

Moderator: Åsa Lund Moberg, Chief Librarian, The Nordic Africa Institute

There will be opportunities to pose questions during the webinar.

The Nordic Africa Institute, based in Uppsala, Sweden since 1962 is a knowledge hub for collaborative research, library services and communication that supports a deeper understanding of contemporary African perspectives, challenges and opportunities. The Nordic Africa Institute is a Swedish public agency, jointly financed by the Nordic countries Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

The Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, based in Copenhagen. Denmark since 1968, is an academically independent Nordic research and resource center, focusing on modern Asia from a predominantly social sciences perspective. NIAS is an integrated part of the University of Copenhagen with the status of a centre under the Department of Political Science.

GDPR and our Integrity Policy

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