Extractive Industries and Indigenous Livelihoods

International workshop

Theme: Extractive Industries and Indigenous Livelihoods. Multiple Stressors of Mining, Community cohesion, environmental integrity and spiritual health

Venue: Nordic Africa Institute Villavägen 6, Uppsala.

Time: 7-8 October 2019

Open to invited participants only.

Multiple Stressors of Mining:Community Cohesion, Environmental Integrity and Spiritual Health 


The extractive industry has significant social consequences for the health, livelihoods, customs, rituals, community fabric, systems of value and identity for the people who occupy the lands being mined. These changes often catalyse or amplify social conflicts with the extractive industry, and various levels of state authority, but also within the affected local communities. 


The event brings discussion on how communities affected by the extractive industry have confronted such changes and conflicts. It aims to highlight and create dialogue across Nordic and Africa experiences and those elsewhere in how the variations and similarities in the social and cultural context of extraction have catalysed particular community responses to extractivism. 


This workshop is part of a series of workshops on Extractive Industries and Indigenous Livelihoods, supported by the Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOS-HS), and the Nordic research project 'Sustainability challenges of mining in the Nordic countries', funded by the Peter Wallenberg Stiftelse för Ekonomi och Teknik.

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