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  • Research
    Location: /research/
    Excerpt: ... Nordic Africa Institute is a research institute with a focus on contemporary Africa or Africa related issues by scholars in mainly the Nordic and African countries The multi disciplinary focus of its ...
  • GDN - Research
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/c/c2814-sv/
    Excerpt: ... is a worldwide network of research and policy institutes This page features the latest social science research from the African region profiles of African researchers and research centers news ...
  • Linking Africa researchers in a new database
    Location: /news/articles/2017/06/29/090349/
    Excerpt: ... database The Nordic Africa Research Network NARN is a network that aims to increase cooperation between African researchers in the Nordic region NARN is currently mapping all the people and ...
  • The Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, Sweden
    Location: /
    Excerpt: ... Africa Institute NAI is a research centre focused on Africa It is jointly financed by the governments of Finland Iceland and Sweden Learn more about our research The Nordic Africa Institute NAI is ...
  • Research policy and research practise in the global knowledge economy
    Location: /research/finalized_projects/research-policy-and-resea/
    Excerpt: text to speach Researcher Måns Fellesson Project established 2011 Research and higher education systems worldwide are currently undergoing extensive policy driven transitions which to a large ...
  • ASDR - Research
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/1/8gjiyfhr/
    Excerpt: Security Dialogue and Research ASDR is an independent non governmental institute based in Accra Ghana specializing in issues of security and their relationship with democratic consolidation ...
  • INCORE - Conflicts
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/1/zntxy5ij/
    Excerpt: ... of Ulster Combines research education and comparative analysis on conflicts and promotes conflict resolution management strategies http www incore ulst ac uk Print NAI 50 ...
  • CODESRIA - Non-Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/f/k2q-01tg/
    Excerpt: independent Pan African research organisation with a primary focus on the social sciences Headquartered in Dakar Senegal http www codesria org Print NAI 50 ...
  • EPRC - Uganda
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/f/wmt21vd3/
    Excerpt: research centre that fosters sustainable growth and development of the Ugandan economy through the advancement of research based knowledge and applied policy analysis http www eprc or ug Print NAI ...
  • Afrikaforskare länkas samman i ny databas
    Location: /news/articles/2017/06/29/090349/
    Excerpt: ... NARN s databas Nordic Africa Research Network NARN är ett nätverk som vill öka utbytet mellan Afrikaforskare i Norden NARN tar nu fram en förteckning åt medlemmarna över alla personer och ...
  • NAI partners up with University of Ibadan
    Location: /news/articles/2017/06/22/142957/
    Excerpt: ... wide multidisciplinary research and knowledge on Africa We are looking forward to an intense and mutually fruitful cooperation says Iina Soiri These are two high quality institutions whose ...
  • EADI - Associations
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/2/emsbdwt4/
    Excerpt: ... in Europe development research and training organisations think tanks national bodies and researchers throughout Europe http www eadi org Print NAI 50 ...
  • Padrigu - Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/f/2fgwas0-/
    Excerpt: ... disciplinary department Research and education is carried out within Human Ecology Human Rights Museion Regional Studies African Studies Asian Studies Latin American Studies Middle East Studies ...
  • Chet - org
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/b/7cqh23rs/
    Excerpt: ... skills for specific research and capacity development projects by tapping available expertise in the national and international higher education sector Research programme Higher Education ...
  • New network for Africanists
    Location: /news/articles/2015/05/28/154400/
    Excerpt: ... the interest of individual researchers and scholars and also to promote research on African issues says Carin Norberg former director of the Nordic Africa Institute NAI She together with ...

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