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The Nordic Africa Institute, NAI, is a research centre focused on Africa. It is jointly financed by the governments of Finland, Iceland and Sweden.

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The Nordic Africa Institute cooperates formally with several organisations, and the Institute is also a member of several networks at an institutional level.

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Support to cross-border force can provide stability

Sahel and North Africa.Increased support to the G5 anti-terrorism force can stabilize the region, but the key to curbing slave trade in Libya lies in reforming the country's security sector, according to NAI researcher Mikael Eriksson.

Tension and polarisation after election result upheld

Kenya. Despite opposition complaints, the Supreme Court upheld the result of the presidential election, which was held on 26 October, after the August had been nullified. Incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta won a landslide victory, thanks mainly to a boycott...

Engstrand-Neacsu new Head of Communications

Staff. Victoria Engstrand-Neacsu has been appointed as new head of communications at NAI. She will take up the position in January 2018. ”I am eagerly looking forward to begin working with the skilled and committed team at the Nordic Africa Institute”...

Increasing militarization in Africa

Security. Why are more and more resources spent to militarize Africa? Twenty conflict and security researchers will discuss this question in a two-day workshop at NAI.

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