Classic critique of ‘ethnic identity’ concept

#Great books on Africa.Au cœur de l’ethnie by Jean-Loup Amselle and Elikia M’bokolo criticises the concept ‘ethnic identity’.
“Although published in 1985, it became even more interesting in the 1990s when several conflicts in Africa were labeled as ethnic conflicts. The authors argue that ethnic identity is a result of political processes rather than an explanatory factor”, NAI researcher Cristiano Lanzano says.

What's his greatest challenge?

South Africa. We asked two of our South Africa experts what they see as the single most crucial challenge for South Africa's new president Cyril Ramaphosa. They gave two quite different answers.

“Open Burkina Faso” – target of violence

Security. The recent terror attack in Burkina Faso was the third similar incident since 2016, in a country otherwise known for increasing democratisation. Both trends relate to the ousting of Blaise Compaoré as president in 2014, says NAI researcher Jesper...

"Ramaphosa will be fantastic for investors"

South Africa. With a multi-millionaire businessman as president, the investment environment will be a priority. While this may be great news for international businesspeople, NAI associate Henning Melber does not think ordinary South Africans will have many reasons...

Street vending is a precarious living

DIY urbanism. City governments in many African cities prefer the Western idea of big shopping malls, instead of having street and market vendors in the city. Even though the vendors pay fees and taxes, they constantly face threats of eviction and demolition.

Electricity for all crucial for socio-economic development

SDGs. Renewable energy is not necessarily sustainable, if it fails to contribute to poverty reduction, quality education and better health, says Josephine Kaviti Musango, who conducts research on sustainable energy in African cities.

Great reads for Women’s Day

Gender equality. At the NAI Library you find a large variety of academic work and other interesting reads on gender equality. NAI Chief Librarian Åsa Lund Moberg picks one of each from four different categories of library books and publications.

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