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  • CAS - Non-Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/7/3r6pyqgo/
    Excerpt: ... of London s Centre of African Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies co ordinates stimulates and promotes interdisciplinary study research and discussion on Africa http www soas ...
  • CCSU - Non-Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/7/8q6e9z_s/
    Excerpt: ... of the International Area Studies Program http www ccsu edu afstudy Print NAI 50 ...
  • ASC - Mich State
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/c/3hcw8d_1/
    Excerpt: African Studies Center at Michigan State University offers different Africa related courses http africa isp msu edu Print NAI 50 ...
  • DAAS UM - Non-Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/1/7wn-i_26/
    Excerpt: ... experiences and societies of Africans and peoples of African descent across the African continent and diaspora http www lsa umich edu daas Print NAI 50 ...
  • NAI partners up with University of Ibadan
    Location: /news/articles/2017/06/22/142957/
    Excerpt: ... and partnerships on the African continent and all over the world Yesterday the Nordic Africa Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding MoU with the Institute of African Studies at the ...
  • UC Berkeley - Non-Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/d/r13nkg9q/
    Excerpt: studies at University of California at Berkeley USA http vcresearch berkeley edu research unit center african studies Print ...
  • African Studies Internet Resources - Other Guides
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/8/f_6k0bea/
    Excerpt: ... and country created by the African Studies Department of Columbia University Libraries http library columbia edu locations global virtual libraries african studies html Print NAI 50 ...
  • AHRDE - Ass
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/a/2jt-4d5g/
    Excerpt: ... and conferences about African tertiary education and institutions http africa msu edu AUP Print NAI 50 ...
  • AFSAAP - Association
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/9/c54-sba9/
    Excerpt: ... research and teaching of African Studies in the Australiasia Pacific region http www afsaap org au Print NAI 50 ...
  • An A-Z of African Studies - Other Guides
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/4/k1ot4sbz/
    Excerpt: directory of Africa and of African studies that encompasses Internet sites discussion lists and any other e resources of relevance By Peter Limb Africana Library at Michigan State University http ...
  • CAS - Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/a/h9d8aj5m/
    Excerpt: studies a multi disciplinary course at the School of global studies former Centre for African Studies CAS at the University of Gotehburg in Sweden In Swedish http www globalstudies gu se ...
  • CEA - Non-Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/4/93j1p2zw/
    Excerpt: studies at University of Barcelona Spain In Spanish http www estudisafricans org Print NAI 50 ...
  • ASC - Non-Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/3/9dgq8foh/
    Excerpt: An independent scientific institute that undertakes social science research on Africa within social development in Africa south of Sahara Located in Leiden the Netherlands http www ascleiden nl Print ...
  • CMI - Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/3/2y_h0cbk/
    Excerpt: An independent non profit research institution and an international centre in policy oriented development research The geographical focus is Africa south of Sahara Southern and Central Asia the Middle ...
  • IAUW - Non-Nordic
    Location: /library/resources/guidetoafrica/links/3/bqu4va56/
    Excerpt: African Studies within the humanities and social sciences at the University of Vienna Austria In German http www univie ac at afrikanistik Print NAI 50 ...

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