How states treat their weakest members tells a lot about the function of law and society, NAI guest researcher B Camminga says. Photo: Mattias Sköld

'Time to question binary legal systems'

Migration. Transgender people are routinely exposed and questioned simply because they fall outside of perceived male/female gender norms. For transgender asylum seekers, this exposure can be dangerous. NAI guest researcher B Camminga is looking into the experiences of African transgender people seeking asylum in Europe.

Transformations of rural spaces in Mozambique

Development. The last decades in Mozambique have been characterized by profound changes in the rural milieu. A NAI conference in Maputo brought together scholars and policy makers to discuss the topic.

Narrow income opportunities turn authors into activists

Literature. Erik Falk’s work at the Nordic Africa Institute revolves around literature in and from East Africa. He is looking at what kinds of books are published and how far they reach. The project aims to give an up to date picture of the status of East African...

Nkurunziza tightens the grip on power by democratic means

Politics. Voters in Burundi have in a referendum backed constitutional amendments that could allow president Nkurunziza to stay in office until 2034. Researchers see a trend of electoral authoritarianism in several countries in Africa.

Regional actors key players for peace

Peacebuilding. As researchers and policy analysts we need to support Africa’s regional economic organisations (RECs) in their expanded mandate to work for peace, says Victor Adetula, Head of Research at The Nordic Africa Institute.

Weighing social and environmental justice

Social affairs. Should we prioritise social justice or natural ecosystems when upgrading informal settlements? NAI guest researcher Olumuyiwa Adegun is developing a framework that balances both values.

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