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Kah Walla - first of the key note speakers

Nordic Africa Days.Cameroonian politician, activist and entrepreneur Edith Kahbang Walla, popularly known as Kah Walla, will be the first of the key note speakers at the Nordic Africa Days in Uppsala 19 – 21 September.

Military-backed Mnangagwa faces fragmented opposition

Zimbabwe elections. ‘Limited changes to reassure the donor community and attract foreign investors´ – that’s how NAI researcher Henning Melber views political reforms in Zimbabwe that have taken place since a military coup last year. The outcome of elections on 30 July...

Africa builds free trade zone – Nigeria still outside

AU summit. Of the 55 member-states of the African Union, 49 have signed the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), including South Africa, one of the continent's major economies, which waited for a long time before signing. Another economic giant...

Unstable situation as Malians go to vote

Conflict. Should Mali hold elections despite a very unstable security situation? Research Professor Morten Bøås says the West African state is left with only bad options – not going ahead with the poll could lead to a dangerous political vacuum.

Everyday corruption a necessary evil

Moral economy. Bribes are part of everyday life in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare. Many people are involved one way or another, yet all agree that corruption is morally reprehensible.

Borno Governor: A mistake to view Boko Haram as a local problem

Conflict. The Boko Haram terror group emerged from a situation of extreme poverty and social exclusion in northern Nigeria. Since then, it has spread across borders and must now be dealt with jointly by actors from across the Lake Chad region, according to...

'Time to question binary legal systems'

Migration. Transgender people are routinely exposed and questioned simply because they fall outside of perceived male/female gender norms. For transgender asylum seekers, this exposure can be dangerous. NAI guest researcher B Camminga is looking into the...

Middle-class reproducing colonial system

Political development. “In Southern Africa we are seeing a middle-class that is reproducing the colonial systems of exploiting the natural resources”, said Moeletsi Mbeki, a well-known South African analyst, at a recent workshop in Stockholm.  

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