NAI Newsletter - June 2013

Vote likely on hold

Zimbabwe ill prepared for 31 July election

Many sources within and outside the country say that elections will not take place on 31 July as stipulated by a recent court ruling. More time will be needed to implement the reforms to the electoral system that have been provided for in the new constitution.  

Endless scramble for cattle

Hard time for Cameroon’s Mbororo people

In the Adamaoua Region of Cameroon, local authorities have a long tradition of dispossessing the Mbororo Fulani pastoralists of their cattle. NAI researcher Tea Virtanen has followed the situation in Adamaoua since the 1990s. 

New book on the Blue Nile

The river’s source and its myths

The mysteries surrounding the source of the the Blue Nile in Ethiopia have attracted philosophers, emperors and explorers since the dawn of civilisation. Yet very little research has been done on this vital part of Ethiopia’s cultural and religious heritage. A new book by NAI researcher Terje Oestigaard and Gedef Abawa Firew of Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia, and the University of Bergen, Norway, sheds new light on the matter. 

The many faces of change

The wave of popular uprisings that swept through the Arab world  in 2011 has taken societies in the region in very different directions. The many faces of “affective politics” – a term describing the force of emotions and feelings in relation to politics – in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco were recently discussed at a workshop in Alexandria, Egypt.  

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