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  • Bristfälligt styre och kraftlös konflikthantering
    Location: /news/articles/2018/05/17/092409/
    Excerpt: ... menar Aeby Peace and security challenges in Southern Africa NAI Policy Note No 4 2018 Download the full text version from our digital archive Diva or read it online as an e booklet ...
  • Governance deficits and lacklustre conflict management
    Location: /news/articles/2018/05/17/092409/
    Excerpt: ... for regional peace and security is proving ineffective because many of its leaders are unwilling to enforce democratic principles These are the main conclusions in a new policy note by Michael ...
  • Gendering and (Un)Gendering Police Reform: the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo
    Location: /research/finalized_projects/gendering-and-(un)genderi/
    Excerpt: ... is widely acknowledged that Security Sector Reform SSR plays a vital role in reconstruction and peace building in post conflict settings This is especially the case in war torn societies in which ...
  • Uncertainty calls for mutuality
    Location: /news/articles/2014/12/22/105109/
    Excerpt: About text to speach December 22 2014 Various voluntary associations offer alternative ways of distribution They are particularly relevant in Africa today considering the past decades of neoliberal ...
  • Informal sector
    Location: /library/resources/thematicresources/informal_sector/
    Excerpt: ... social development social security street vendors trade urban economy urban policy women women workers This is a selection of websites dealing with the informal sector Many more items are ...
  • Protester mot angrepp på skolor
    Location: /news/articles/2017/03/28/132056/
    Excerpt: Så funkar talande webb 28 mars 2017 Foto Poverty Action Lab Beväpnade islamistister har angripit skolor i norra Burkina Faso Lärare har tvingats att undervisa koranen och endast på arabiska Trots ...
  • Osäkerhet kräver samarbete
    Location: /news/articles/2014/12/22/105109/
    Excerpt: Så funkar talande webb 22 december 2014 Många frivilligföreningar står för alternativa former av resursfördelning som kompenserar för årtionden av nyliberala reformer i många afrikanska länder Läs ...
  • Nya perspektiv på fattigdom
    Location: /news/articles/2013/02/14/140529/
    Excerpt: Så funkar talande webb 14 februari 2013 Gunnel Axelsson Nycander tilldelas 2012 års FUF pris för att hon i sitt arbete har lyft fram nya perspektiv på fattigdomen i utvecklingsländer Beställ antologin ...
  • Crucial to link farmers to market
    Location: /news/articles/2016/02/29/113642/
    Excerpt: ... farmers long term food security concerns Strengthening farmers land rights and land consolidation among the rural people and creating space for private sector investment are other important ...
  • Food security
    Location: /library/resources/thematicresources/food-crisis/
    Excerpt: ... s library staff about food security due to the conference on World Food Security Rome Italy 3 to 5 June 2008 Use the quick links below to locate titles dealing with topics of interest in the ...
  • Schoolteachers under attack
    Location: /news/articles/2017/03/28/132056/
    Excerpt: ... pupils Shortly afterwards security forces succeeded in capturing a group of terrorists who were hiding in the mountains close to the border with Mali Lassane Yameogo However other groups operate ...
  • Democratization and Governance Reform in Liberia
    Location: /library/resources/thematicresources/democratization-and-gover/
    Excerpt: ... local government national security peace keeping peaceful coexistence political culture political development political participation political reform politics post conflict reconstruction ...
  • Large scale agro investments in Tanzania – impacts on smallholder land access and food security
    Location: /research/finalized_projects/large-scale-agro-investme/
    Excerpt: ... effects we define as food security i e changes in production nutrition and food entitlements e g wage and contractual incomes Sen 1981 We will also measure the impacts on different village ...
  • “Bubbles of security” when companies do police work
    Location: /news/articles/2017/10/24/094835/
    Excerpt: ... service delivery private security providers sometimes take over tasks that the police or military should perform One of the chapters in a new NAI book Private Security in Africa describes how a ...
  • Informal Security Structures in the Mano River Region: Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone
    Location: /research/finalized_projects/informal/
    Excerpt: ... a real effect on long term security and regional stability Both Sierra Leone and Liberia are currently recovering from a decade of devastating civil strife that tore countries apart and caused ...

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