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  • Kritiserad landreform i Zimbabwe
    Location: /news/articles/2012/11/22/165514/
    Excerpt: funkar talande webb 22 november 2012 Bilden av landreformen i Zimbabwe har ofta varit ensidigt inriktad på vem som fick och vem som förlorade mark En nyutgiven bok i NAIs Africa Now serie ...
  • Fler har mark i Zimbabwe
    Location: /news/articles/2013/09/12/104645/
    Excerpt: funkar talande webb 12 september 2013 Från att tidigare haft 3 4 000 storfarmare som kontrollerade den mesta och bästa jorden i Zimbabwe har nu fler människor fått tillgång till mark och kan delta ...
  • Contested land reform in Zimbabwe
    Location: /news/articles/2012/11/22/165514/
    Excerpt: ... The image of the Fast Track Land Reform in Zimbabwe has often been that of the widespread displacement and subsequent replacement of various people The new book in NAI series Africa Now co published ...
  • Violent conflicts over land
    Location: /library/resources/thematicresources/conflicts-over-land/
    Excerpt: ... Violent conflicts over land in contemporary Africa starting in the autumn of 2013 It is a lecture series on the connections between access to land and violent conflict These issues are ...
  • Contested land reform successful
    Location: /news/articles/2015/07/16/095944/
    Excerpt: ... Mutopo says about the land reform in Zimbabwe ...
  • More with access to land
    Location: /news/articles/2013/09/12/104645/
    Excerpt: ... controlled most of the best lands in Zimbabwe now many people have access to land and can be part of food production The land reform has led to great changes in rural Zimbabwe says NAI researcher ...
  • Slow land reform process in DRC
    Location: /news/articles/2015/04/24/154912/
    Excerpt: ... conflicts and not least land issues In 2011 an international conference held in Kinshasa aimed at initiating a land reform process President Kabila recognized the need for reforms but then the ...


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