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  • Security without sabre-rattling
    Location: /news/articles/2018/02/27/161053/
    Excerpt: ... police officers in the African Union Mission in Somalia AMISOM Photo credit AMISOM Lack of resources makes the African Union AU dependent on external funding for its military and peacebuilding ...
  • Can AU agree on reform agenda?
    Location: /news/articles/2018/01/18/085228/
    Excerpt: About text to speach January 18 2018 Soldiers hang up newly washed socks to dry on barbed wire at their base in Kismayo International Airport Somalia Photo UN Tobin Jones External actors continue to ...
  • Security without sabre-rattling
    Location: /news/articles/2018/02/27/161053/
    Excerpt: ... Resursbrist gör Afrikanska Unionen beroende av extern finansiering för dess militära och fredsbevarande insatser Biståndsgivare och utvecklingsstrateger som vill stärka AU och dess medlemsstater i ...
  • The African Union (AU) and Civilian Protection
    Location: /research/finalized_projects/the-african-union-(au)-an/
    Excerpt: ... Institute Tags AU Africa African Union Civilian Protection Development Linnéa Gelot Peace Peacekeeping The African Union interventions Researchers Forskare Thematic research programmes Current ...
  • AU Waging Peace? Explaining the Militarization of the African Peace and Security Architecture
    Location: /research/finalized_projects/au-waging-peace-explainin/
    Excerpt: ... Uforsk Despite the African Union s AU s recently adopted pacifist vision to Silence the Guns by 2020 several scholars has noted the AU s increased propensity to resort to militarized ...
  • Mali på AU:s agenda
    Location: /news/articles/2013/01/28/143452/
    Excerpt: ... Sverige om Afrikanska unionens senaste toppmöte ...
  • Challenges to peace operations
    Location: /news/articles/2012/10/17/153024/
    Excerpt: ... speach October 17 2012 The African Union faces several challenges in achieving success in African peace operations AU member states are keen to show the world they can deal with conflicts on the ...
  • Afrikadagen
    Location: /news/articles/2012/05/25/094317/
    Excerpt: ... tio år sedan Afrikanska unionen bildades Fortfarande söker AU efter sin roll men organisationen har påbörjat arbetet och jag är säker på att nästa tioårsperiod kommer att bli bättre säger NAIs ...
  • Fredsoperationer − en utmaning för AU
    Location: /news/articles/2012/10/17/153024/
    Excerpt: ... Linnéa Gelot Läs Supporting African peace operations NAI Policy Dialogue på engelska öppnas i nytt fönster och kan laddas ner gratis ...
  • Africa chooses its own path
    Location: /news/articles/2013/06/18/102552/
    Excerpt: ... to speach June 18 2013 The African Union is a good example of how Africa takes responsibility and leads the way towards a better future But it is still important that the Nordic countries provide ...
  • ‘African solutions to African problems’
    Location: /news/articles/2012/11/22/092225/
    Excerpt: ... 22 2012 At the heart of African peace and security architecture APSA is the aspiration for enhanced African autonomy often referred to as the African solutions to African problems agenda To this ...
  • The golden jubilee
    Location: /news/articles/2013/05/22/144347/
    Excerpt: ... the 50th anniversary of the African Union AU and the former Organisation of African Unity OAU NAI researcher Linnéa Gelot comments on AU s achievements and remaining challenges Read article about ...
  • AU debates the situation in Mali
    Location: /news/articles/2013/01/28/143452/
    Excerpt: About text to speach January 28 2013 The AU summit in Addis Ababa was supposed to discuss Africa as an economic power but instead the sessions came to deal with issues regarding the conflict in Mali ...
  • AU Summit: Money, Mali and Madame Zuma
    Location: /news/articles/2013/02/07/131418/
    Excerpt: ... organisation s history South African diplomat Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma is the AU Commission s chief and her management skills and political astuteness may have inspired many a girl child to now say I ...
  • Fredsinsatser med AU och FN
    Location: /news/articles/2011/12/09/094020/
    Excerpt: ... för Afrikanska unionen och FN internationella forskare och militära experter för att diskutera utmaningarna kring gemensamma fredsinsatser Läs hela artikeln här på engelska ...

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