This scholarship programme is directed at researchers in Nordic countries, engaged in African oriented research. Female researchers are especially encouraged to apply.

The purpose of the programme
The purpose of the Nordic Guest Reseachers' Programme is to promote scholarly exchange with Nordic researchers and to provide opportunities for Nordic scholars to pursue their own research projects at the Institute and to access the Institute's library and other resources.

Who can apply?
The Nordic Guest Researchers’ Scholarship Programme is directed at scholars in Nordic countries engaged in research on/about the African continent and with a proven track record of extensive research experience. The applicant should be placed at or affiliated with a Nordic university or other Nordic research institution. We would especially like to encourage women to apply for these scholarships.

Applications are invited from scholars with research projects related to current thematic research clusters at the Institute:

  1. Agrarian Change, Property and Resources
  2. Conflict, Security and Democratic Transformation
  3. Mobility, Migration and Transnational Relations
  4. Urban Dynamics

Please see this website for more details on the research clusters.

Applicants are requested to identify within what cluster their project fits best and to motivate the identification.

The scholarship and facilities
The Nordic Guest Researchers' Scholarship includes a return air-fare (economy class), accommodation, a subsistence allowance of 300 SEK (approx. 40 USD) per day plus an installation grant of 2,500 SEK (approx. 310 USD) and access to a computer in a shared office at NAI.

The maximum duration of the stay is 90 days, minimum is 60 days. Please note that most academic institutions in the Nordic countries, including the Nordic Africa Institute, are closed or at least running at a reduced capacity during the periods 15 June–15 August and 15 December–15 January. Applicants are thus asked not to choose these periods for their visit.

The Institute’s library is specialized in literature on contemporary Africa and focuses on Social Sciences. Guest Researchers also have access to the Uppsala University Library, including their online resources, and to the Library of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Additional activities
Guest Researchers have the possibility to present their research at the Nordic Africa Institute and to visit other institutions in the Nordic countries.

The application should contain

  • a completed application form
  • a short motivation of your selection of NAI research cluster
  • an up-to-date curriculum vitæ
  • a short abstract of the research project to be carried out at the Nordic Africa Institute
  • a well elaborated research proposal outlining the main features of the research topic. The proposal should focus on the project to be carried out at the Nordic Africa Institute and include the expected results. Length of the proposal: 5 pages
  • copies of and/or references to the applicant’s publications; the two most important articles related to the research project to be pursued at the Nordic Africa Institute
  • a signed letter of support from the applicant’s Head of Department or other senior scholar in the same field

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered. Persons currently or previously employed by or otherwise professionally affiliated with the Nordic Africa Institute are not eligible for scholarships. Kindly also note that the application must be in English.

Submission of applications
Applications can be sent by post/airmail or by email. Applications sent by post/airmail should contain 2 copies of each document. Applications sent by email should contain only 1 copy of each document.

Applications sent by post/airmail should be addressed to
The Nordic Africa Institute
Marie Karlsson
The African Guest Researchers’ Scholarship Programme (AGRP)
P.O. Box 1703
SE-751 47 Uppsala, Sweden.

Applications sent by email should be addressed to
Marie Karlsson, Research Administrator, email:

Please note: On the subject line of your email, write: “APPLICATION African Guest Researchers’ Scholarship". Scanned versions of signed support letters can also be sent to the above email address.

Deadline for applications
The application should be in by 1 April 2015.

Further information
Marie Karlsson,, phone +46 18 471 52 47.

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